Just wanted to drop a quick line to let everyone know that YES, we are still alive and YES we are doing well. :) Today was a bit of a rough day because I'm stressed out and getting a little overwhelmed, but overall things are very, very good...except that the air conditioning SUCKS and we are all sweating buckets despite the fact that the repairman has been out twice in the past few days.
On another note, I'm going through MAJOR internet withrawal. Seriously, I can't wait until Wednesday when everything gets hooked up! We haven't had cable, internet or phone since we've been there! At least I'm getting a lot done though.
If anyone's looking for a current prayer request it would be money (only until paychecks start rolling in) and schools for the kids. I didn't know that Dayton is a "choice school system" which means it's all open enrollment and first come first serve for whatever school you want. What this means for me is that ALL of the good schools are filled and the only ones available to my kids are 10 miles away, through downtown and literally in the ghetto next to a store called "GOLD 4 YA MOUTH". Not good. So there definitely needs to be major prayer going up about that! Thanks everyone and see ya Wednesday!


I'm so excited for you! It's a big moment in your life. Say as for your kids school situation, why don't you teach them at home for this year and make sure to sign them up early next year! LOL ok, so maybe that's not your thing, just trying to think outside the box! he he
Brit' Gal Sarah said…
I would be having similar withdrawal problems! I hope to god you get the a/c going to as it's hot hot right now. Good luck on the schools, Iknow that can be very stressful!
Allison said…
Hang in there, friend. God didn't bring you this far to let you drown now. He has the PERFECT place for your girls just as He did for you too. Still praying...

P.S. See you tonight!! (Yay!! I can say that now and be there in 10 minutes instead of 4 hours!!!!!!)
Kim said…
I will pray!!! I agree with Allison - God will not let you down on this. He will provide. I know it's so hard to see it, but He will, somehow.
I LOVED the picture you posted! Who is that???
Heather: HAHAHAHAHAHA! lol Yeah, me and teaching kids wouldn't do well together as I have NO patience whatsovever!!

Kim: I have no clue who the picture is of, I found it on Google and thought it was hillarious! :)
Melting in Cali said…
Glad you're getting situated little by little. The A/C not working is a problem believe me I know but make sure to purchase some fans it seems to help keep the air circulating, can't live without fans in So Cal.