Shut the front door!

Ok y'all, this yard sale thing is going very, very well! You know my "stick it to the man" plan? Yeah. Today we sold our front door! ROFLMAO *woot, woot* I'm totally not even kidding! :)
Scott said that a guy stopped over this morning and asked if he could buy the front door and both screen doors. I kind of didn't believe him until I answered the phone later in the day and it was this guy! Listen to how funny this is-- he said that they just purchased a foreclosure home (lol) and that the people who lost the home had decided to have a yard sale before they moved and sold all of the doors. haha! How ironic is that? So here is this guy wanting to buy our doors--plus the closet doors. I think that's so fabulous.
I reminded him that we still need our door until we move and he said that was fine and we negotiated a discount (a big one for him) if he waited until we were moving to take them. He is supposed to be coming over tomorrow to drop off a down payment. I expected to sell a lot of things but never dreamed I'd sell my front door! lol Awesome.


Girl, that is so freak awesome and hilarious! You rock!
Allison said…
Ok, this STILL cracks me up!!!!
DJ's Mama said…
That is funny. I have never heard of anyone selling the doors of the house.. but heck ya it is some monies.. :)