Friday five

  1. Well, tomorrow's the day! We pick up our U-Haul around 9am and then it's busy loading and moving!
  2. I can't believe what a jam-packed, stressful six weeks it's been! All of this not knowing and unsurety and now it's OVER. :) That brings tears to my eyes because it's done. I may not be crossing the finish line with no injuries, but I'm still crossing it. I'm falling over the line with scraped-up knees and bruised all over--but God still got me there, just like I knew he would.
  3. God provided a decent house with plenty of room inside for us and I'll have to share the story sometime of how it came about. Suffice it to say that even that was a direct blessing from God. He sent Landlord and tenant together at exactly the right time and in the right way--it was an answer to prayer for everyone involved.
  4. I got a voicemail yesterday from a friend that said, "You have plans tomorrow at 5pm." lol So I called her back and asked her what I was going to be doing today at 5pm and she said it was supposed to be a surprise, but she would tell me (because I HATE) surprises. She said several of my closest friends from work are taking me out for a farewell dinner and she would be here to pick me up at 5:00 (she's late btw as it is now 5:12!). I'll let you all know how it turns out. (I already did actually--I got stood up!)
  5. I've still never heard from Joleen. It has hurt my feelings more than she will ever know that she never came over and has never called again--not even to say goodbye. It was a final blow to our friendship and I'm really sad about it. I love her, but I'm tired of one-sided friendships.
Anyways, as you can probably tell, I'm posting this tonight instead of on Friday because I'll be busy and probably won't have internet until next Wednesay--unless I go over Allison's house to borrow hers. Pray for us and thank you for all of your support!


Allison said…
1.) Moving Day!! Yeeeee Haaaaaw!!!! See you tonight!!!!

2.) I love how our faith grows when God ALWAYS comes through. He loves His children and He always takes care of them...and He heals the scraped up knees too!!

3.) For sure!! What an answer to our prayers this wonderful house (and landlord) is!!! Thank You, Lord!!

4.) And yeah, that crap is NEVER gonna happen again!! No way! Your Dayton friends love you and will love to spend time with hurry up and get here!!!

5.) I'm sorry, friend. That sucks. One day Joleen will realize what a truly good friend you are...and what she has willingly given up. =(

P.S. And come on over for a diet coke at Alli's internet cafe!!! =)
Odd ball out said…
Gosh Alli made me want to move to there too. My wheels are turning. lol
Sorry your last day was crappy and the old crappy friends weren't around but I guess they weren't suppose to be so you never have any regret for moving.
Love you V