Project relocation, day 4

Today was a rough day for me. I felt as if I couldn't get anything accomplished and I was so discouraged in so many areas.
The day started with me making all the necessary Monday morning phone calls to utility companies to get everything transferred into our name. I was on hold forever and dealt with several snotty people who made my life miserable. It seemed to set the tone for my whole day with some sort of black cloud settling over our house.
After dealing with the utility companies, I called the schools to see about enrolling the kids. I was disappointed enough to hear that our house was located just over the limit for the "good" school system and so my kids were stuck with the not-so-good system, but I didn't think it would be horrible because the schools near our house aren't terrible and they are within walking distance.
Well.... forget that idea because the lady on the phone tells me, "We are a choice district which means that it's all open enrollment. It's first come first serve for all the schools, I'll tell you what's available for those grades and you tell me where you want to go." She proceeds to give me names of available schools for the kids and only a few of them are the same is the first thing I notice. I really wanted to keep them together, especially in a new area since they are nervous. I started sending text messages to Shawnda and Rachel since I don't have internet and can't research the schools myself. They said they'd check on them for me, but we decided to pile in the car and set out to see the schools for ourselves. I had looked up the addresses in the phone book and we plugged them into the GPS then took off.
Our excitement didn't last long because before we knew it we were driving through downtown and out the other side of downtown to the ghetto. I could feel my anxiety rising and you could cut the tension coming from the kids in the backseat with a knife! When we found ourselves driving past crack dealers standing in front of a store called, "Gold 4 Ya Mouth" I was almost in tears and told the kids, "Don't worry, Mommy would not do this to you! You do not have to go here!" And we turned around and headed home shell-shocked. I was so devastated and was feeling hopeless. I wasn't sure what God had in store for our family, but I knew that couldn't be it!
Later in the evening I drove over to Allison & Shawnda's house so the kids could play with the dogs and I could use their internet. I hope tomorrow will be a better day.


Don't want to send my own to school said…
WOW! Praying for our kids.
OH MY! Yeah, there are some pretty bad areas in Dayton. I'm so sorry!Will be praying!