Desk sweet desk

Recently someone wanted to know what my office looked like.

Well, here it is!

In all of its unfancy glory, this is it.

This was one of the days that I have tried to convince myself

that I am willing to try & drink pop again,

knowing I can't and won't.

But yet, I'll try because it sounds good

(Hence the Coke can), and I will hate it & throw it away.

Nothing special going on here. Just a normal, average desk.

Two people work behind me.

There you have it! :)



Dark Horse...

"Dark Horse"
Katy Perry

This is my FAVORITE song right now!

Her whole new album (PRISM) is fantastic.
Let me just put it out there,
I'm saying it out loud...
this is Katy's good sex, I'm in a good relationship for the first time,
John-Mayer-is-putting-it-down-right album.
This is a sexy album that gives off all of the vibes of a woman
who is happy, falling in love and finally getting loved on correctly.
 (And I knew my Boo John would be able to do the damn thing!)

It's okay girl, we've all been there.
But because I've been there, I sooooo recognize it.
*doing the I got you eye-to-eye finger moves*

The whole album doesn't drop until Tuesday,
but she's streaming it for free on katyperry.com
lurve you, xoxo v.

Love this...



Sign up now for the Foam Fun Run...

Kids and Families Foam Up for a Good Cause
Oct. 26 Foam Fun Run 5k benefits Shape Up US’ efforts to fight childhood obesity

CHANDLER – Oct. 9, 2013
  Kids and families across greater Phoenix will run, walk and crawl their way through a 5k course of colorful foam – all for a good cause. Proceeds from the Foam Fun Run, scheduled Oct. 26 at 9 a.m., will benefit Shape Up US, a Scottsdale-based nonprofit dedicated to fighting obesity.

The Run will take place during the Chandler Mayor's Day of Play at Tumbleweed Park, located at the southwest corner of McQueen and Germann Roads. The first flight, scheduled at 9 a.m., will let loose hundreds of runners on a course featuring five colorful foam stations, a 30-foot inflatable water slide, a giant tunnel of foam, the full-body washer and numerous other obstacles. Racers and spectators are invited to a foam pit after-party to continue the messy fun.

“The Foam Fun Run is a huge blast for kids and people of all ages,” said Priscilla Barney, owner of B Extreme events, the organization producing the race. “No one can resist the explosion of bubbles and head-to-toe foam, but the race also provides a fun way to exercise and feel great, and it raises money for a very important Phoenix nonprofit.”

Shape Up US will receive a percentage of proceeds when racers register online with promo code SHAPEUPUS. The organization is committed to building a healthy future for America’s children by improving the health, fitness and overall wellbeing of youth and their families.

Funds from the Foam Fun Run have been earmarked for Shape Up US’ Hip Hop Healthy Heart for Children™, an innovative, engaging education curriculum that helps teachers motivate their students to live healthy, active, balanced lives.

“Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years,” said Jyl Steinback, executive director, Shape Up US. “We must reverse this trend through awareness, education and action. The Foam Fun Run goes a long way in supporting our efforts, as it raises funds for Shape Up US while also giving families an opportunity to exercise and have fun together.”

Registration for the Foam Fun Run is $25 with promo code SHAPEUPUSThe fee includes participation in the Run, a race T-shirt, bib number and swag bag. Children ages 7 and under are free with a paying adult. For more information or to register for the Foam Fun Run, visit www.foamfunrun.com.



Time to get 'er done...

Even though I'm nervous,
it is time to finish the last degree I started.
It seems daunting, but it is not going to finish itself.

I decided to take a break in 2008 and never went back.
Now I found out that recently they completely revamped
the entire program, and ALL of the work I had done
was for nothing and I have to start all over.
Yep, it is an 18-month program and I had completed half of it.
And now I have to do it all again.
And I had a 4.0!
Let's hope I can do THAT again too!

So anyways, who doesn't need more student loan debt, right? ;)
Just kidding.

I start next Wednesday,
and should finish in May, 2015.

Wish me luck,
I'm going in!



Feel your boobies!

lurve you, xoxo v.

Paradise (in the) Valley...

We got to see John Mayer in Concert on October 2nd! 
*screams like a twelve-year-old (!!!)*

If you really understood how much I love this man and his music,
you would understand what a big deal this is to me.

I have been waiting to see him live for YEARS.
When he was here for his Continuum tour,
I had fully planned to go, but those plans fell through.
Then he got sick and he hasn't been on tour since...
and that was what?
3 1/2 years ago?
At least.


Wednesday was the day!!!

I was a little disappointed when I bought our tickets
because I waited a little too long to buy them and by then all of the
good seats were GONE (ugh!).
We were stuck with kind of crappy seats,
but I didn't care, at least I would be there.

Let me just preface some of this by saying,
that I *KNOW* the video I am presenting is of the crappiest quality.
BUT, this is not only because of how far away our seats were,
but is actually a testament to how much I love John Mayer and how HAPPY
I was to be there!

See, I did not want my only memories of this concert to be of looking through 
the screen of a camera (A).  And (B), this camera of mine is SO sensitive that when you
zoom in from that far away, if you even breathe, it bounces all over the place.
And suffice it to say that I was NOT holding still!
I was swaying, dancing, singing and looking at Paul and the girls to see how much
they were enjoying the music.
SOOOO, this means that the camera looks as if it was following the bouncing ball,
even though it really wasn't moving all that much.
But, I wanted to make sure that I caught at least a small portion of some of the
songs that I loved most for my keepsake...even if they aren't perfect-looking.

Make sense? :)

John Mayer

"Waiting on the Day"
John Mayer

John Mayer

Phillip Phillips was also there as the opening act.
Here is "Home" aka Maddie's "Mommy Song"
lurve you, xoxo v.
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