Group participation post of the week!

This week I thought would be a little more fun!
My kids and a few other friends have been teasing me lately about my
Things that I say or do all of the time that I am famous for.
I' not going to give you any hints,
so You have to come up with some on your own.

If you can't think of any isms, then you can still contribute
by sending in a few words that you think describe me and my personality.
Now, I'm not looking for any stories behind the words or why you feel that way, or long sobbiness,
If you think I'm funny, write "I think she's damn funny!"
See how easy?  And Bob's your uncle!

Now I also know that most of you chicken butts have an aversion to posting your comments publicly on my blog, these are your choices:
*You can simply post your responses like big girls and boys and be proud of doing so.
*You can use the anonymous feature on the comment thing to keep your identity private.  NO ONE (no, not even ME) will be able to tell who you are.
*Or if you're still a big baby who needs to email me privately, then you can send it to
Have fun with this!  It's an easy, somewhat innocent time to make fun of me or pick on me a little! :)
And if You want to chuck those earlier ideas and just have a funny story about me from the past,
then throw that out there too.  It's all welcome! :)
All of the comments and emails will be gathered up in a few days and I will write a post on it.  I bet it will be hillarious!

Naughty kitchen, I'm in love with you!

Ok, new tv crush!

The Naughty Kitchen
Chef Blythe Beck

I wonder if they need a nurse in that kitchen
because there is not a work environment that I would fit better into!
With all the sexual harassment, curse words and inuendo flying around,
it's PERFECT for me!

It's like the mother ship has finally found me and called me home! ROFLMAO

Sweet wompa!  She even said, "YAY Y'ALL!" at one point and I thought...that HAS to be a sign!  She's using one of my favorite sayings right there in front of me!
Mama, I'm comin' home!!!

Gonna save me from myself....


Right on the money

I just took a "what style are you" quiz HERE
and it was SO right on the mark!

It's almost over!

Make your own Countdown Clocks

Inspiring me today….

391a6916bf0b “I’m in love I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!”
(one of my favorite quotes from ELF)
I NEVER thought this would happen.  In fact, I SWORE it never would.
But I am actually starting to like, maybe even love certain pieces of mirrored furniture.
I know, right?
When they started becoming all the rage, I HATED them.  I completely didn’t  see the allure.  But recently, I find myself drawn to them.  Like in the picture above.
I still don’t like it when it’s paired with bright, intrusive colors, because that’s just not my taste.  My mom likes to joke that my favorite color is “clear” because I like such muted colors normally, and she’s pretty much right on.
Today, I find myself being drawn to very light, airy, feminine, tender, almost vulnerable rooms full of muted earth tones and neutrals with touches of pink…always pink, which is my favorite color.  Lately I have also been loving the contrast between light and dark.  All cream or white with black furniture or black floors.  Love it.


Monday, Monday....

Long night at work.
Rather, long weekend at work.

Ready for home.

Been thinking about all the
good advice that poors into my inbox.
I actually think I like Heather's the best.
About even if you move to Fort Knox,
you don't have to live in prison.
Live secretly,
but OWN it,
don't resent it.
Lots more thinking to do about that.
But that's good stuff.

Needing some good one on one
time with the people I love.
Can't wait for that.

Heard someone talking this evening
about the trouble they have with their kids.
Made me so grateful for the good kids I have
that I had to send them a text and tell them so.

I am SO blessed.
And I know it.


And while I'm at it......

While I'm tired & cranky
and already in the process of ranting a little bit....

To the curious person who is trying to crack my email password....
You sure seem to want to know what's in there pretty bad.

YOU know who you are.
I know who you are.

If you have a question,
just ask me.
Chances are,
I will answer you.

Ok, really???

WHO raises people
who grow up thinking that it is ok to CALL
someone's home at 8:30 on a Sunday morning???

who think it's ok to knock on their door
at 8:58 on a Sunday morning???

TWO separate people,
who both almost got their asses kicked this morning!!!

Who does those things?
Seriously people!

Is it just me?
Am I too picky?
Or isn't this just common courtesy?

A glimpse...of September

Because I tend to loathe the month of September and
Because I am doing everything I can to just get through it, 
I'm trying to breathe in and breathe out and concentrate on the good and the not-so-bad.

Reading... On an Anais Nin kick.  Right now I'm reading Henry and June.

Listening...Anything mellow, melancholy or jazzy.  Still love Corrinne Bailey Rae's cd, James Morrison & Harry Connick, Jr.'s new one.

Cooking....heavy comfort foods.

Wanting... October 1st and so many things that aren't meant for this blog.  Honesty.  Truth.  Courage.  Loyalty.  Peace.  To be settled. 

Making... treasure out of trash.  Beginning with the headboard I made, I'm also working on a coffee table and a few other things that I will post pics of when I'm done with.  I LOVE taking things that someone wanted to discard and making them not only useful, but desirable again.  Breathing new life into old situations is what I love.  Oh and I'm making new friends.  I have a lunch date on Monday! :)

Loving...  Beautiful pictures, whether they're of interior design or sunsets.  Friendship.  Knowing what I'm doing at something and not being the new kid who doesn't know her way around.  My kids.  Having my windows open.


Friday Five

  1. Money is super tight.  What else is new, I know.  With trying to get bills caught up and then facing all of the expenses for Courtney's senior year (ring, senior pics, cap & gown, announcements, etc.) it's a task that's a bit daunting right now.  And knowing that Christmas is right around the corner?  *sigh*
  2. My eyes have been KILLING me lately!  They are SO dry since I've moved!  I've always had trouble with dry eyes, but these are beyond severe.  I've had so many different drops and ointments, it's not funny.  My dr. wants to send me to an Ophthalmologist to see about getting some restasis (a med that helps produce more of your own tears) but until then, I have to use drops plus this ointment that is pretty much just like vaseline.  It's supposed to be for bedtime, but I end up needing to use it at two or three times a day.  What does that mean?  That I always feel blind, that's what!  When you put that stuff in your eyes, you can't see anything through the petroleum haze.  I'm so over it, but it's a better alternative to feeling like I am rubbing raw onions on my eyes.
  3. Work.  Work work work work work.  As I've said before, I actually really like the facility I work at now.  It's a good job and I like it there.  I like the people, I like my boss.  BUT, it's still work.  And work is what?   Yucky.  But I'm possibly looking at a little promotion in the next few weeks, so that's encouragement.  It will mean more stress and more mental work, but less direct patient care and physical stuff.  It's a little intimidating, but I'm stoked about it and can't wait.  Bring it on! We haven't discussed pay yet though and I wonder how much of a raise I'll get.
  4. I can't wake up lately.  I want to sleep 24/7.  I had thought it was just because I was PMS'ing, but that's done and over with and I am still forcing myself to fall out of bed after sleeping twelve hours.  And sitting here, I could easily lay my head down and doze back off.
  5. I thought maybe I've been so tired because I'm so bored, so I've been trying to read and do some crafts and DIY projects to help wake me up.  And while that feels great, it hasn't helped with the fatigue.  But I have some great looking stuff now...for CHEAP!  Did you see the pictures? :)


 31ywsk0fipL._AA400_ The headboard I’ve been eyeing…

 So I went to Goodwill & found one that I could make myself for about $7.50 .
Isn’t it AWFUL? :)

I pried off a few of the pieces to make it flatter so that
it would be easier to tuft later.

DSCN5787 Covered it with foam.

DSCN5788 Then covered it with batting and fabric.

Then stapled/tufted it.

DSCN5794 Then glued the buttons on.

I CAN’T WAIT to see it in place!
The screws I bought aren’t quite long enough,
so I have to get new ones before I can put it on my bed.
But I can’t wait!


How did I miss this??

I just saw this on my friend Heather's blog. How did I miss this??
A flash mob broke out at the Oprah show
during the Black Eyed Peas performance
and surprised even Oprah...
It was awesome!

Like I was telling Heather,
this is the kind of silly thing that always makes me cry by the end of it
because seeing all of these people
working together for something innocent and positive
always blesses me.
I love it!

Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling Live At Oprah (09/10/2009)



This is a group participation post....

Okay guys, here's where I am today.
First, a little back story for all of my newbies.

In 2002, I found out that my second husband,
father of my third & fourth children,
who had been abusive & nasty to me for nearly ten years,
had been hurting my oldest daughter.

He has been in prison for it ever since,
and is set to get out in December, 2011.
He was also declared a sexual predator,
which means he'll have to register for the rest of his life.

The goal had always been to move far away
and change our last names before he got out
so that it would be more difficult to find us,
so that he would not be able to bother us
or hurt my girls.

So recently,
we accomplished the first part of our plan.
We are here in "New Town"
and living our lives.

The thing is, today for some inexplicable reason,
the desire to give it all up and begin living 100% honestly
no matter what
has come upon me.
I'm feeling like even if I don't let him know exactly where we are,
that I don't have to live locked down like fort knox,
because to live under fear is a bigger prison and punishment
than what he can do to us.
I've only been here for a little over three months
and I'm already tired of living like this.
Do I want to live like this forever?
Just because I'm afraid that
this monster MIGHT come bother us?

If I acknowledge it, release it and then just live in integrity
and strength, knowing that if he ever showed up
I would have to simply and strongly handle him,
would that be a wise thing to do?
Or really stupid?

This is where the group participation comes in....
let me know what you think about this.
Be as frank as you like.
Email me privately if you like.
Just give me some fresh perspective.
Ready, set, go.


Blowing away


Love it even if it IS paper!


Did y’all see last night’s Project Runway?

Their challenge was to design an outfit out of NEWSPAPER.

Hard enough as it is, but for me that would have been frickin’ torture!!!

For those that don’t know, I CAN’T STAND the feel of paper.  It grosses me out just like fingernails on a chalkboard.  BLECH!  BLAH!  GROSS!

But anyways, as the challenge got started, one girl started working on this trench coat and I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with it and knew she was going to win.  As soon as I saw her putting the crinkled up paper around the collar I fell in love and thought, “how very Coco Chanel of her!  I LOVE IT!”

And I was right.  It turned out awesome & she won.  :)

What ten products do you love right now?

Bad Gal Lash
Bad gal lash from Benefit
This is the most fantastic mascara EVER.  Drug store mascara doesn’t come close to comparing! It instantly gives you the lushest, fullest lashes.  It’s awesome.
That Gal face primer
That Gal face primer from Benefit
Okay, this has to be my FAVORITE new find.  It’s so much more than just a face primer.  I haven’t worn foundation since I bought it!  It’s enough in the daytime all by itself.  And my skin is silky smooth.  L.O.V.E. it!
Bad Gal pencil
This is an awesome big, fat, chunky eye pencil that goes on soft and smooth.  No drag whatsoever and gives you a perfect smoky, smudged eye.
Styling Creme
Styling Creme from Bumble and bumble
This is good for people with fine hair like mine.  And it doesn’t weigh your hair down which is crucial.
Thickening spray
Thickening Spray from Bumble and bumble
Same as above.  Is great for my fine hair and doesn’t weigh down your hair.
Milk & Honey
Milk & Honey Body Spray by Sarah Michaels
Okay, this is a tough one.  This body spray is my FAVORITE of all times.  I’ve had it since 2003 y’all (no, it’s not funky smelling yet…still amazing).  I got it at Target and now I can’t find it anywhere anymore.  The website is even gone. *sniff*  So…if anyone knows where I can find it?  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share!
Lip Medex
Lip Medex by Blistex
Is now and always will be my #1 drug of choice.
Has been my #1 go-to seasoning for years and years and I never dreamed that I would have trouble finding where to buy it!  I guess I just took for granted that it would always be in any supermarket I shopped at, but NOOOO….it’s not.  Now that I’ve moved away, here in New Town, I have looked all over the place and can’t find it.  I had to order it online and pay twice as much for shipping as I did for the spice itself!  It was worth it though.  I can’t imagine cooking so many things (especially my pork chops) without it.
Mentha Lip Shine Mentha Pink Mint Lip Tint Mentha Magenta Mint Lip Tint
CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine & Tints from Bath & Body Works
Love!  Nuff said.

 Mentha Body Lotion
Mentha Body Lotion at Bath & Body Works
Love this too.   The smell is mmmmmm……
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