I love nothing more than bonding with people. I want to be your new bff  and tell you all of my long lost secrets and I want you to tell me yours. And this? This is why I don't make friends easily. Oh sure, I make acquaintances. I can make acquaintances all day long. There's no one better at making your acquaintance than I am. But beyond that? Usually not much.

And the other problem is that I'm not a big one for wanting to make acquaintances either. I'm not interested in simply sharing time & space with you for a little while during some shared activity or outing, I want to BOND with you. If you're not someone that I can see myself still being in touch with in 20 years then sorry, but frankly I'm not interested. I'm not a big one for surface talk. Frankly, I can figure out how I feel about the weather on my own thank you very much.

Obviously, this is a dilemma. Especially right now where I'm living in a new place and need to make a few new friends. The few friends I have here now are phenomenal. One of them is one of my best friend actually, and I would be content to leave my friend arsenal alone. But, I feel as if I should branch out and let a few new people in and I am having trouble doing that because honestly, I can't be bothered to share my time on stupid things that have no meaning in my life. Do I want to leave my kids at home and go hang out at Dave and Busters or do some other stupid shit with you? Um, no. Not even a little bit. So how does one bond with other people? How do you make friends? The problem is that the friends I do have happened so organically that I don't remember DOING anything to make it happen. It just happened. But if I sit around and wait for new friends to sprout, I may be waiting a long time. do I make friends? Do I even really want to try? Do I have the energy for this? It's kind of like deciding that you're going to start dating. Purposely strategizing and planning to make something like that happen is difficult and frustrating. Thank God I don't have to think about doing that!