Friday five

  1. Working. Going good. Been at this facility a month and still like it there...which is a miracle! :)
  2. Lonely sometimes. Need a girls night!
  3. Horny. Need a boys night!
  4. Need to find a church, but have signed up to work every weekend for the next few months. It just works out better with the kids as well as other parts of my life, so it looks like it may be a little while. Unless we only go on Wednesdays, which actually might work out better considering that most of the churches are trending toward most of the kids/youth stuff being done mid-week lately anyways. I actually normally don't like that at all, but it may work out for me right now.
  5. Loving that the weather has cooled off a little bit! Everyone knows what a fan of the fall I am...everything about it makes me come alive. Bring it on!