Hello from my couch...

Remember that vacation I told you I have?
Yeah, it's WONDERFUL.
I plan to do a whole lot of laying here, watching TV,
writing, etc.  Basically anything I feel like doing,
and nothing if I don't feel like it.

This is a sweet, sweet week.

xoxo v.



I have a delicious week off of work,
and I plan to do a whole lot of cocooning.


xoxo v.

2016 and my hair

2016 was an AWESOME year and a great
start to a brand new life.

This year, in pictures anyways, should be
split up into two phases...before haircut, and after haircut. lol

I had an AWFUL haircut that made it necessary to wear
my hair natural and wavy.
The waves cover a MULTITUDE of sins! ;)


xoxo, V.


My daughter had some of this that she made iced tea with.
It was good iced and just as good hot!

xoxo v.


Bedroom redo

Living with Paul, my bedroom was always a little more masculine.

But now, since I'm single, I wanted to girl it up a little.

I actually wanted to get a blanket in a soft dusty-purple type of color.

However, there were none to be found, so I thought this pretty plum would work too.

I still have my nice comforter that kind of matches the curtains,

but it is still too warm for that.

xoxo v.



I absolutely LOVE the new sign I bought!

I've had it on my wish list for a few years now,
but never wanted to pull the trigger and spend the money.

I purchased it from House of Belonging on Etsy.
They have such amazing things!

I could read this saying every day for the rest of my life,
and it will still be poignant every time I read it.

xoxo v.
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