Hello from my couch...

Remember that vacation I told you I have?
Yeah, it's WONDERFUL.
I plan to do a whole lot of laying here, watching TV,
writing, etc.  Basically anything I feel like doing,
and nothing if I don't feel like it.

This is a sweet, sweet week.

xoxo v.



I have a delicious week off of work,
and I plan to do a whole lot of cocooning.


xoxo v.

2016 and my hair

2016 was an AWESOME year and a great
start to a brand new life.

This year, in pictures anyways, should be
split up into two phases...before haircut, and after haircut. lol

I had an AWFUL haircut that made it necessary to wear
my hair natural and wavy.
The waves cover a MULTITUDE of sins! ;)


xoxo, V.


My daughter had some of this that she made iced tea with.
It was good iced and just as good hot!

xoxo v.


Bedroom redo

Living with Paul, my bedroom was always a little more masculine.

But now, since I'm single, I wanted to girl it up a little.

I actually wanted to get a blanket in a soft dusty-purple type of color.

However, there were none to be found, so I thought this pretty plum would work too.

I still have my nice comforter that kind of matches the curtains,

but it is still too warm for that.

xoxo v.



I absolutely LOVE the new sign I bought!

I've had it on my wish list for a few years now,
but never wanted to pull the trigger and spend the money.

I purchased it from House of Belonging on Etsy.
They have such amazing things!

I could read this saying every day for the rest of my life,
and it will still be poignant every time I read it.

xoxo v.


Chicken Avocado Burgers

I found this recipe on Pinterest somewhere,
so can't really credit it.

That's the way it works with me.
I find a recipe, store it away and it might be
months or years before I actually try to make the dish. 

These were alright.
I think next I make them, I will spice them up a little bit.
I tried to add Poblano pepper for some flavor,
but didn't even really notice them.

Next time, I think I will add green chilies and maybe some cilantro...
something to add some brightness.

 Chicken Avocado Burgers


1 lb ground chicken
1 large ripe avocado cubed
1 chopped or minced clove of garlic
1/3 c. panko crumbs (or more, depending on how moist your chicken is)
1 small can green chilies
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
Other ingredients you can add, depending on the flavor you want: cilantro, lemon pepper, etc.
1. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl.
2.  Shape into patties and grill until cooked through.
3. Place on a yummy bun and flavor as desired.

xoxo v.



Well this isn't something you see being hauled on a flatbed every day.
xoxo v.


Don't make me go there...

There.  Oh, we all have a "there".  Your there may look different than my there, but we all have a there.  You know what I mean...when those certain buttons get pushed in a certain order on a certain day, you are instantly transported to there.

Well, today I went there.  Someone messed with my kid.  Specifically, someone who I consider family instructed their kids to not befriend my daughter at her brand new school because she is gay.  I went awf.  That's not just a normal off, but it is awf.  I publicly said something, and I privately said even more.  

How dare someone...a PARENT no less, do that to a child!  Teenage girls have enough to deal with, add to that a brand new school, with people she has never met, and throw in a dose of "I'm going to shun you because you're different than us."  WTF people?  

As you all well know, if I feel defensive about one or more of my kids, run.  No seriously, please run.  Run because you probably deserve what I'm about to give you, but even if you don't, I'm serving it up anyways and you should probably get out of the way.  

I need to be clear that I'm not necessarily bragging.  I've worked really hard to grow and evolve as a person and I am doing pretty darn well, if I do say so myself.  Except for, that is, when I go crazy pants over my kids being wronged.  I have a feeling that will be the last thing to go in regards to getting healthy.  That primitive instinct to go all viking on someone will probably last many lifetimes to come.

But why?  Why can't I get that to change?  Why can't I be all zen and kumbaya when it comes to this area?  What kind of spiritual practice or different perspective do I need to have to put this into practice?  I don't know.  I have some guesses, but I will just have to keep trying at those and see if they eventually kick in.  If not, I just have to accept that it is what it is and that I will be a psycho when and if my children are wronged or in danger.  I just have to make friends with it. *shrugs shoulders*

xoxo v.


What I have learned...

     This is a repost from my last blog of some of the spiritual stuff that we have learned in the past year.  I am putting here in a new blog to make it easier to find.  I hope it helps someone.

      My daughters have the ability to hear, feel, and see.  I have the ability to feel.  I always have had the gift of feeling energy.  I can feel the energy of the people I am near (anxiety, sadness, grief, joy).  Also, since I have started meditating, my energy has raised enough that I can now feel answers.  Meaning, if I ask a yes or no question, I can feel in my body the answer to those questions.

     I needed to find ways to help my daughters understand their gifts, refine their gifts, and to keep positive so that they are more out of reach for negative energies and only deal with positive , Godly energies.  Having those gifts as a child is a scary thing!  You see good stuff, but also some really scary stuff and my kids needed to learn what they can do to limit the exposure to the scary stuff.  

     They needed to know that there is nothing wrong with them and that they aren't evil.  They need to grow into well-adjusted adults who live productive lives full of service for others with the gifts they have been given.  I don't think this would have been possible living back home and going to the churches we attended here.

     What have we all learned from their journey?  Anyone who spend time with me knows that I can and will talk for hours about this stuff if you give me the chance, so I will keep it brief and in a nutshell.  If you want more information, just reach out to me and I will tell you more.

     First of all, we learned that Spirit Guides are real.  God gives everyone a purpose and a job both on earth and in Heaven.  Even Adam had a job!  He was a gardener.  One of the jobs that human spirits in Heaven can have is that of a spirit guide.  They are not to be worshiped as they are not God, they are only humans like you and me.  Every person on this earth is assigned at least one guide that stays with them throughout his or her lifetime.  Many other guides can come and go depending on the need.  

     For example, I learned that my main purpose in this lifetime is "love".  I am to learn about love, how to truly love, and be love.  I have a main guide that has always been with me, then I have several other guides that work with my on the subject of love (how to love, how to choose good people to love, etc).  I have a guide that helps prompt me to pray.  I also have guides for medical reasons and for creativity.  Their main goal is to put love and joy into your life (remind you just how loved you really are) and to help guide you through life in order to reach the goals that were preset for you before coming here. However, we each have free will, and so we can either work on those goals or choose not to. It's totally up to us.  But, if we set our mind or intention to something, our guides will help make it happen.

     Here is a quick snapshot of some of the first questions I asked my guide when speaking with him.  I will type the questions and put the answers in parenthesis.  

*Is Jesus real and did he die to save our sins?  Is what I have been taught and do believe about Jesus true?  (Absolutely.)

*What quick advice would you give to me and every other human that will help us?  (Pray more, meditate more, drink more water, sleep more, and be kind.)

*Is there anything that I was taught in church that is not correct?  (few things such as being critical of people who aren't living up to "Christian Standards".  But mostly that reincarnation is not real.  It IS real but was removed from the Bible by men who thought it shouldn't be there.)

*If reincarnation is real, how does that reconcile with the need for Jesus' salvation?  (The salvation is real and true, but you have more than one life to choose.  If during any of your lives you have come to a saving knowledge of Christ, then it applies to every life thereafter.  You are here life after life to reap what you have sewn and to have an opportunity to do better...not to earn your way to Heaven, but to balance out the debt to other souls that you have created.  That debt is not held over your head by God...you are forgiven all and are loved unconditionally.  But, the energy that is put into the world affects every other being in the world and the future to come.  By rectifying the negativity you have put into the world, it raises the energetic vibrations of the earth/atmosphere and will create a better world for other people).... that was hard to express in such short space.  I hope that made sense.  It is a huge topic to put "in a nutshell".

*Do we have to worry about the environment being destroyed?  (No, everything will be here exactly as long as God needs it to be here and He will provide what is needed)

*What is the most important things we need to know? (Love.  Be kind and love one another.  Find some joy!  Live with abandon, there is no reason to be so afraid.  Pray more.)

     I will copy and paste what I have typed above into a new blog post as well.  Seriously, if you have any questions (not criticisms), please feel free to reach out.
xoxo v.
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