Friday five

  1. This week was definitely better than last week with not having the flu and all. The left-over funk is still lingering though because I'm still not myself--I'm cranky woman. Seriously, my husband gets on my nerves but the fact that he's still here after how much I've B'gawked at him in the past few days speaks volumes. Bravo to him!
  2. Tomorrow's the day! I start working on my book tomorrow and am nervous and excited about it. My main worry is the stress that's going to happen in my marriage (could there be more?) when I'm encased in my writing cocoon for a month straight attempting to reach a personal goal that I've had for years. I know I'm not going to write well because of the stress that I'll be under after he starts pouting about being ignored. *sigh*
  3. The kids are all doing really good and have gotten good grades on their report cards. Courtney is happy with her new boyfriend Dustin and for the first time in a long time I can even say that I like her choice in a boy and even think he's cute (despite the lip ring that I definitely DON'T think is cute). Aside from my job stress and apparently mid-life crisis I'm going through, everyone seems to be adjusting wonderfully and are happy and thriving.
  4. Okay, the only exception to #3 is Madelaine's stank attitude that she's had lately. She has gone from sweet, thoughtful little girl to full-on hormonal mess and she's on my last nerve. She actually got herself grounded for TEN WEEKS. Oh yes, you read it right! She tried pulling a Judd Nelson from the Breakfast Club and saying "I don't care!" and "whatever!" whenever I added another week to her grounding for having a really nasty mouth. When we got up to ten weeks she finally shut up. So she's grounded from the computer and the phone until January 4th and she still doesn't seem to have learned her lesson. The attitude continues and it's getting old.
  5. Our local Christian radio station is already playing nothing but Christmas music! Back in Cleveland they started around Thanksgiving time and I really don't mind it being early except it was kind of funny listening to them give the weather report today and saying it was going to be in the 60's and 70's while having "Let it Snow" play behind them. lol This is Ohio not California! We're used to actually SEEING snow when we hear that song!


Crazy McCrazysen

Gary Busey. Celebrity Rehab 2. OMG. *shaking head in disbelief that he's even crazier than I already thought he was* Search it out on youtube or catch the reruns if you're curious. Holy crap.

Just finished

This book was SO GOOD! This was the best book I have read in such a long time it's not even funny. He writes in such a casual, readable style and his characters are so well developed. I seriously laughed out loud several times while reading it and cried at the end. I'm never one to want to read a book more than once but I would this one. It's actually from a few years ago and I can't believe I haven't heard about it before now--but I'm glad I finally did!

Dear ChaCha (242242)

Dear ChaCha: I'm lonely and frustrated with my life. What do you suggest?

ChaCha: Maybe join a church and get involved, you will feel better about yourself and make some new friends.


Dear ChaCha (242242)

Dear ChaCha: How can I stay awake at work?

ChaCha: Start with a healthy breakfast. A combination of carbs for energy and protein for endurance is best.

I did this! *sigh* Thanks for nothing ChaCha. :(


For the past few weeks the urge to finally write that book that's been gnawing at the back of my brain has been too strong to resist. I had shelved the idea a while ago when life got to be just too much. I actually have a few books I would like to write--most of them non-fiction and one fiction. AND being the typical procrastinator and poorly self-disciplined person that I am, I know that unless I have a major deadline and some accountability hanging over my head, I just won't get it done. With all of that being said, I decided to participate in NaNoWriMo again this year and hopefully actually FINISH!

So WHAT exactly is NaNoWriMo you say? Well, it stands for National Novel Writing Month and it takes place every November. Writers all over the country commit themselves to cranking out a full novel in one month's time. It's a pretty daunting task with a daily word count quota of 1166. They even schedule "write-in's" where writers from your particular city meet up and bang away on their keyboards for the evening. Those are good because it's not only good to be able to bounce ideas off of other authors, but it's nice to have the moral support of other people pushing through the same battle.

This year being my first year in the Dayton area, I'm just getting to know my new group. Their nickname is "DANG" (for Dayton Area Nano Group) which is kind of cute and I can't wait to get a tshirt to make it official.

I've tried doing this a few times before in previous years, but I could neve discipline myself enough to really do much with it. This year I want it to be different. Even if it never goes anywhere beyond Microsoft Word on my computer, at least I will know that I did it. I won't have to wonder how it would have turned out if I actually had written it. As insanely unhappy as I've been with my work-life lately, I have to believe it's because I'm just not doing what it is that I'm supposed to be doing. I'm supposed to be writing, speaking and teaching--and I know it. The sad thing is that I haven't done it and slowly the fire is going out. I could also be a lot better off financially if I had been on that path all along. The truth is though that I'm afraid to fail. That's the naked, bare-bones truth about it. I'm afraid that I will flop right on my face and being the capricorn that I am, that terrifies me.
So, pray for me friends as I embark on this one-month journey. I'll keep you all posted on my progress and you can root me on as I go!

Clipart of the day

Home again home again jiggity jig

Guess what I'm going to say? I need a new job! Those of you who talk to me on a regular basis would never hear that coming would you??? ;)
I've officially been on day shift a little over three months now and let me tell you--it SUCKS! I am NOT a morning person and will never will be. I gave it the old college try and it is NOT working honey!
I've also come to realize that I really don't like myself when I'm on dayshift. I know that sounds stupid, but it's kind of like a person who's on a strict diet for a long time or even a woman having PMS--they just aren't themselves AND they are c-r-a-n-k-y. I like my home life better when I'm on dayshift--I can actually have a life. But this getting up at 5 in the morning crap is for those retarded birds that start chirping at about that time. Not for me. I spend all day in a funk and staring at people with an annoyed expression on my face. I see them laughing and enjoying their morning and I am full of disdain and wonder if their mothers drank too much schlitz when they were pregnant or something. No, give me the night. It's quieter, and I'm a much cooler person. I need to make a button to wear on my uniform that says "I was a really funny person in my other life." Sad thing is I don't know that anyone would believe me. Just kidding. No I'm not.
The other thing about day-shifters (and I hope no one takes offense--I know there are always exceptions to the rule) is that most of them simply have NO personality! Believe me when I say I'm used to working with some pretty funny characters. We would laugh all night long and find great (read: immature) ways to entertain ourselves, but it was FUN. Here everyone is just so....so.... vanilla. I just don't fit in. And I want to find the nearest hole to take a nap in. I really hope the next twelve hours fly by so that I can get home. If not, someone might find me hanging by a noose made of gauze or find me with a scalpel stuck in my ear because this is just so freaking entertaining. Sorry, I forget how chipper and entertaining I can be when I get up at 5 in the morning. Welcome to my world. Now read something I write at 7 in the evening and you'll see a whole other person. Ok, I'm going to go sulk.


Friday five

  1. This week was definitely better than last week with not having the flu and all


Friday five

  1. I missed work all week because I had the flu. That always scares me because I'm just sure I'm going to get fired. I'm starting to feel slightly better but had to go on prednisone because my lupus was flaring with the being sick and all.
  2. Because of the prednisone I'm cranky and am back to having crazy insomnia again. I haven't had this kind of insomnia for MONTHS and it's not fun. I forgot how much it irritates me to hear the birds chirping before I'm even beginning to feel sleepy.
  3. As weird as it sounds I spent today listening to Christmas music to get myself in the mood to start designing my Christmas blog graphics. I think the mood rubbed off on my kids because Amelia sneaked into the basement and dug out some wrapping paper and now has Christmas gifts ready to hand out to all of her school friends. I told her she can't leave those gifts in front of the fireplace for two months and she looked at me like I was crazy. I mean doesn't everybody listen to Christmas music and wrap their gifts in October?
  4. I have a w-i-c-k-e-d toothache. I'm tired of toothaches. It seems I only get a few month's peace without one.
  5. The kids are itching to carve their pumpkins. I think tomorrow may be the day. Sunday we're supposed to go get our family pictures taken (yeah, I'm looking forward to THAT! NOT!), so I don't think we'll be doing it then. We'll see. Other than that, not much going on here other than recuperating. Hope you all had a better week than I did!

Just finished

I just finished her third book and I have to say that she's grown on me. I think it's because she reminds me so much of myself and she keeps writing things that I actually think or regularly say. I find myself giggling out loud and saying things like "Ha! I'm not crazy!" or "I know, right?!" over and over again. These are basically the books I was destined to write but unfortunately she beat me to it.



I'm sitting here eating the left-over crumbs from a batch of brownies that Maddie made this evening. That kind of thing doesn't last long in a house full of five people with sweet tooths.

I felt slightly better today for a little while at least. I recognized the instant I started to feel better and pounced on it. I manically started cleaning the house and my family looked at me like I was crazy. I had plenty of them coming into whatever room I was in at the time to ask if I was okay and to follow it up with, "WHY are you cleaning?" My response every time was, "Because SOMEONE has to do it!"

Our home is usually comfortably lived-in. Not spotless but not nasty either. Clutter can build up quickly with this many people so there's usually plenty of papers, blankets, shoes, etc. laying around, but it's not dirty underneath. No filth. WELL, a few days of laying on the couch sick and observing what's actually here at the moment started to gross me out. It was getting DIRTY! ECCCKKKK! OCD and filth doesn't go well together. Neither does being too sick to move and do anything about it but still being able to see it and obsess about it. NOT GOOD.

So today I felt it. That exact moment when you feel your body shift into "getting better" mode. You're over the hump and going to get better. It was a discernible shift today and as soon as I felt it I jumped on it. It was like I was on that old gameshow "Supermarket Sweep"--do you remember that one? Where they had to grab the shopping cart and race around the store as quickly as possible? Anyways, that was me.

The mood hit me first in the bathroom so as soon as I was done brushing my teeth, off I went! Super quick tidy and wipe-down then off to the laundry room. Don't ask me why I started out there instead of in the main part of the house; it was a compulsion I couldn't ignore. I spent probably 20 minutes out there getting coats hung on the rack, shoes in their places and dirty laundry organized. Then I grabbed the windex and a rag and started squirting and wiping everything that wouldn't crawl away from me. No need for fancy cleaners today--squirt, wipe. squirt, wipe.

At this point I had a few family members who wanted to come and gawk at the spectacle. They stood in the doorway and just WATCHED me busting my hump. That's one of my pet peeves and so I turned around to say, "If you can watch, you can help! Scott do the kitchen and Amelia help me in here." The looks of shock on their faces quickly faded into an "AWWW MANNNN!" look. BUT, they didn't give me grief--they just did it, which was nice. I managed to tackle every area of the house (except for the girls room--I wasn't up to that task. Thank God it's upstairs where I don't have to look at it!). I even changed the sheets and washed the comfortors/quilts. I had candles burning in all of the rooms so it smelled good in here AND I managed not to kill anyone in the process. There was no mutiny of unhappy shipmates and after I hopped out of the shower I finally collapsed on the couch in a sick, I-did-way-too-much heap.

Then I groaned for the rest of the evening. You know how when you feel so miserable you just want to lay there and groan? It reminds me of that scene from When Harry Met Sally. I tried to go back to bed, but my head hurts too bad to lay down. I'm still just so achey, headachey and generally hurty all over the place. The nausea has subsided but now it's the headache--and the sinus pressure that's also making all of my teeth hurt. Blah. Courtney's had a sore throat for two days and Amelia had a fever tonight. Lets hope that everyone starts to feel better soon. At least I can lay here miserably looking around knowing that it's clean in here. There's a few things left for me to obsess about, but overall we're cool.


This is NOT a test

Now that you got it, what you gonna do about it?
What you gonna do about it? What you gonna do about it?

Now that I'm your baby the things you promised me now I want
Now that you got it, what you gonna do about it?
What you gonna do about it? What you gonna do about it?
All the stars I was reachin' for you had in the palm of your hand
& if for just once I would let the
padlock on the door be open
Well, dammit, just get on over here
This better be the best thing I ever felt
My days, they better be sunny
It better be nothing but all that I want

Now that I'm your baby, the things you promised me now I want
Now that you got it, what you gonna do about it?
Now that you got it, what you gonna do about it?
If I'm really your baby then share with me your secrets & all
Now that you got it, what you gonna do about it?
What you gonna do about it? What you gonna do about it?

I'm the raddest queen of them all
I could have anyone, so what I want?
Perfect, get it right, never wrong
So you gonna step it up? Or you gonna be gone
Not like the rest (not this), nothing is typical (ain't nothing is typical)
This is not a test (no test), this is a for sure (it's all gotta be for sure)

Now that I'm your baby, the things you promised me now I want
Now that you got it, what you gonna do about it?
Now that you got it, what you gonna do about it?
If I'm really your baby then share with me your secrets & all
Now that you got it, what you gonna do about it?
What you gonna do about it? What you gonna do about it?

(Yo Gwen whatcha make 'em do?)
Well, I'd train him like a marine corps
Boot, camp, make him like a superhero (yes ma'am)
That always better be his response
Or I don't give a dog a bone
Attention! Show me your skeletons, let's not play games
We can be closer than sharing last names (gimme my award)
The award is a purple heart, it could be yours

If you earn that medal, yeah you could be my boy


Random stuff no one cares about but me

Hair Color
: dark brown/black

Eye Color: brown

Skin tone: palish-pale

Face Shape: um, round? Fat?? Geech

Height: 5’4 3/4”

Weight: 125-ish. so what if you don’t believe me!!

What aspect of your personality do you like best? Sense of humor; good critical-thinking skills. I accomplish ANYTHING I set my mind to.

Which aspect of your personality do you like the least? Sometimes not having patience. I also procrastinate way too much mostly because I'm such a perfectionist. I'm an overanalyzer.

What are some things about other people that annoy you? Complainers/whiners; back-stabbers. Unmotivated people who want to live off of others and do nothing for themselves. Men who flirt with anything with a vagina. Those who act helpless. I haven't even gotten started on the other stuff like smacking their gum or chewing with their mouths open!

What are some things about you that might annoy people? That I can be rude when mad. Opinionated and somewhat controlling —but those are charming traits aren't they? *wink wink*

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Linda Ronstadt!! I LOVED HER! I had her 8-tracks and thought she was so pretty. I would pretend to be her all of the time.

What is your favorite time of day? evening

How do you handle arguments/disagreements with other people? Depends with whom. Usually not very good. When I feel attacked or misunderstood it makes me want to defend myself and defend my honor.

Would say you are more extroverted or introverted? Depends. I can be both.

Name one of your physical traits that you would change if you could: Most definitely my weight. And I would like my long hair back too.

Name one of your physical traits that you really like: I used to love my hour-glass figure, but it's gone more from a "glass" to a "coffee mug" heehe. I also love my complexion and my eyes.

If you could go back in time to any point of history? when Jesus was here to meet him, worship him and follow him in the flesh. Aside from that, back to the 30's and 40's to live in the big-band days because that is really where I'm meant to be anyways.
Scents: Mulled Cider, fall spices, Tresor, Musks, grapefruit, berries, baby powder

Flowers: wildflowers, and I'm really liking poppies lately. And only roses if they're in fall colors (like from my wedding)—oranges and deep reds. And tulips.

Vacation spots: tropical.

What animal best represents you & why? A cat. Aloof. Likes to be petted. Snuggly but only when she wants to be.

If you could have any superpower what would it be? Invisibility

Whos is your ultimate celebrity crush? Man that's hard because everyone has so many flaws! And really, if you're going to be with some flawed guy, why would he have to be a celebrity? I've loved John Mayer before it was cool to love him but he's SUCH a player and admits how much he likes porn so he's out. George Clooney is a perpetual bachelor which isn't attractive at all. Justin Timberlake would be awesome but he's not all that cute (it's the attitude and the sense of humor, not the looks). Ricky Martin is delish but might be gay. So really I'm at a loss.

What celebrity best represents your vision of fashion? Laura Bennett from season 3 of Project Runway. Google her if you don't know her! I would let her design everything I wear all the way down to my underwear! She's just about classic beautiful clothes. I'm not a trendy person. I want to buy something that will look at good five years from now as it does today. A black dress, pearls, etc.

What would your life movie be called? "A Flat Place To Be". Although I would consider "Stop Touching My Shit" as well.

If you could star in any t.v. show, which one would it be? My own reality show—I think I'd be pretty entertaining

What vehicle best represents you? Mercedes SUV

If you got one tattoo, what would it be? I wouldn't but something small where only someone special could see it. It would probably be a symbol of some kind that I would spend way too much time overanalyzing and thinking about like an infinity symbol or something.

What is your greatest accomplishment? Having kids that turned out so freaking amazing and full of personality! They have come through so much and are still relatively HAPPY.

What top five artists are you listening to most right now? Lots of them but right this moment: John Mayer, Duffy, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Adele

What song is playing right this minute? While I'm Waiting by John Waller

Last person you spoke to on the phone: My friend Don that I used to work with.
Screensaver on your phone: My niece Isabella
Last show you watched: 17 Kids and Counting (and Little People Big World before that)

Last movie you saw at the theatre: Fireproof –I would recommend that EVERYONE see this movie (especially if you're a Christian. The acting wasn't the best, but the message was invaluable and I cried through the whole thing!)
Last movie you rented: The Nanny Diaries
Hey! WAKE UP!!! I'm not THAT boring! ;)

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