Friday five

  1. This week was definitely better than last week with not having the flu and all. The left-over funk is still lingering though because I'm still not myself--I'm cranky woman. Seriously, my husband gets on my nerves but the fact that he's still here after how much I've B'gawked at him in the past few days speaks volumes. Bravo to him!
  2. Tomorrow's the day! I start working on my book tomorrow and am nervous and excited about it. My main worry is the stress that's going to happen in my marriage (could there be more?) when I'm encased in my writing cocoon for a month straight attempting to reach a personal goal that I've had for years. I know I'm not going to write well because of the stress that I'll be under after he starts pouting about being ignored. *sigh*
  3. The kids are all doing really good and have gotten good grades on their report cards. Courtney is happy with her new boyfriend Dustin and for the first time in a long time I can even say that I like her choice in a boy and even think he's cute (despite the lip ring that I definitely DON'T think is cute). Aside from my job stress and apparently mid-life crisis I'm going through, everyone seems to be adjusting wonderfully and are happy and thriving.
  4. Okay, the only exception to #3 is Madelaine's stank attitude that she's had lately. She has gone from sweet, thoughtful little girl to full-on hormonal mess and she's on my last nerve. She actually got herself grounded for TEN WEEKS. Oh yes, you read it right! She tried pulling a Judd Nelson from the Breakfast Club and saying "I don't care!" and "whatever!" whenever I added another week to her grounding for having a really nasty mouth. When we got up to ten weeks she finally shut up. So she's grounded from the computer and the phone until January 4th and she still doesn't seem to have learned her lesson. The attitude continues and it's getting old.
  5. Our local Christian radio station is already playing nothing but Christmas music! Back in Cleveland they started around Thanksgiving time and I really don't mind it being early except it was kind of funny listening to them give the weather report today and saying it was going to be in the 60's and 70's while having "Let it Snow" play behind them. lol This is Ohio not California! We're used to actually SEEING snow when we hear that song!


Allison said…
1.)I hate the nasty funk! But yay for Scott for enduring it (even though he sometimes adds to it.) Soon the b-gawk week will be over....we hope. lol

2.)Can't wait to see the end product of your book! I'm so glad that you are plunging full steam ahead with it. I know you will be great at it! (Would love to help you with the editing part, if you'd like.)

3.)I am so proud of Courtney especially for stepping it up and doing so well in her new school. She is so intelligent and talented. I'm glad to see her applying herself...and feeling good about herself as a result. And yay for a cute boyfriend that mama likes!!

4.)Yeah, bummer about Maddie's attitude. What a massive difference from the way that she normally is. Darn those hormones!

5.)Seriously, I can't stand Christmas music before Thanksgiving because by the time Christmas gets here, I'm so sick of it that I don't even enjoy it for the holiday itself. What the heck radio station is playing it already?????
It's on 93.3 (star fm out of cincinnati)
Allison said…
You're kidding?!?! That's the station I listen to in the car when I don't have a CD on! That's CRAZY to have Christmas music on this early!!!
Gail said…
Stumbled onto your blog through a black box.

Funny and creavtive too!

Good luck on the book...subject matter?

Your children sound painfully normal. I have two daughters grown but do remember the hormonal smart mouths. This too shall pass.