Reunited and it feels so gooooood.... I missed you JT

today was spent making an impromptu trip to Lorain County to take Darren home. He was being so mouthy and rotten that he needed to go like NOW. He was predictably nasty to us all the way there and at one point had me in tears over the nastiness he was spewing on me. Finally I got him home and we went on our way. As soon as we drove away from his house I felt like I could breathe. Instant relaxation! I thought I could hear some of the grey hairs that just sprouted on my head look up and say, "Oh, he's gone? Never mind then." --and went back into hiding.
A few months ago my Justin Timberlake cd magically "disappeared" from my car. No one will take responsibility for it and thus, I have been Future Sex Love Soundless for months now. It's been driving me insane but today I reached my breaking limit! Before I would get on the highway and go knowing that I had that hostile heap of hormones in my backseat, I needed that cd. Soooo, I pulled into Meijer and bought a new one. That was the first block of my day that fell into the right place cuz I luuuurrrvvv me some Justin! ("sex on a stick" is how I frequently refer to him). My kids got awful irritated of me listening to him on a loop for 8 straight hours but I just didn't care much. Wait, let me check again........NOPE! I still don't care. :)
We got home about 11pm and while the kids were getting ready for bed, I sat down and actually called the insurance company. Yes *hanging head in shame*, my name is Veronica and I am an insurance-lapser. My last policy has been lapsed for a few months now. Yes, I know how bad that is! I know, I know. My conscience feels so much better tonight knowing that I am now intimately involved with Allstate and that they are also safely guarding all of my precious belongings with a renters policy. *aaaaah!* *breathe in- breathe out.*
Isn't is amazing how much better our souls feel when we are doing the right thing? It's an almost immediate and tangible shift. I feel WORLDS better and I bet I'll sleep better tonight! And I even got a really good rate for our auto insurance too which just adds to the happiness that's happening over here! God is good and I am so thankful for all of the blessings in my life. The huge ones like not letting anything happen to me without insurance and also the little ones like not letting me forget to put the spaghetti away.


Allison said…
Aww, I love it when God reminds me to put the spaghetti away. =)
Unknown said…
Dude, I need some JT therapy! ;)