Scott and Veronica go to The Trough

Today was such a mixed day. At times I thought I would end up writing about how miserable it was and just then something would happen to make me just sure that it would end up being a fantastic day. As it turns out, I can fairly say that it was a little of both.
The started off by dropping the girls off at school. It was Maddie and Emma's first day at their new school and so they were nervous. Courtney has already made quite a name for herself there (everyone loves her of course) and so we heard over and over again, "OH! These are COURTNEY'S little sisters!", which would promptly be followed up by smiles and hugs of welcome.
After coming home, I knew that because I am totally broke until payday there would be nothing fun to do through the day so I did the next best thing... I went back to bed. :) AAAAHHHHH. I slept like a brick too! Anyways, after school we showed up to pick up the girls and guess what happened! Wait for it.............................................................. Amelia came out SMILING! She said she liked her school and had already made two new friends. Her teacher came to the car window and said that Amelia had complained of a little tummyache through the day and I let her know about the drama she's had every single day at her other school. I told her that if it was just a little tummy ache and she came out smiling that means progress in my book!
We took the fam to the library after school to return some books and see if they have anything new and interesting (they didn't). The kids got a few things and we headed home. I figured this was the end of our day and was resigned to spend a boring evening at home eating frozen pizzas because that's all we had. Little did I know there was a surprise waiting for me!
When we got home I went out to check the mail and noticed a letter from the college in there. As most of you probably remember, I took a leave of absence until after the holidays because I've just had too much on my plate. WELL, this was my end of year refund check for withdrawing. It's everything that was left over from my student loans, etc. And it was a NICE surprise! :)
Let me tell you friends, I've never jumped in the shower and got ready to go so quickly in all my days! I wanted to get to the bank before they closed and then out to eat! I quickly developed an entire agenda in my head--what bills needed to be paid, what people needed to be paid, need to get Courtney's homecoming dress, pay my phone bill, etc. I was a little disappointed when the bank said that because it was an out of town check they had to put a three-day hold on it and only gave me the cash-back I had asked for. A little deflated I walked back out to the van and we discussed where we were going to eat dinner. We decided on sea food.
I know this all seems pretty straight-forward, so where we came up with the brilliant idea to drive to Cincinnati is beyond me! I remember some conversation about how we haven't had a lot of time to go exploring since moving here and how it's so close it would just be a short jaunt there and back--and I bet they have GREAT restaurants,etc etc etc. Next thing you know, we're stuck in bumper to bumper traffic because being the retards that we are, no one took into account that we would be there smack in the middle of evening rush hour! Yeah, nice. Scott had finally had enough and jumped off of the highway to escape the stand-still of cars. No, he didn't know where he was going--and we didn't have our GPS with us (yay us!). Darren got some pictures of the stadiums downtown and we got some of the river and the riverboats.
Eventually, we found another entrance to a highway (I say "a" highway because it was not "the" highway that we needed) and we started battling traffic again.
"I'm hungry!"bombs keep being launched from the back seat as we are furiously scanning ever exit for signs of suburbia (malls/restaurants/food courts) but don't see any. Finally, we spot one but we can't make it over to the exit in time. We take the next exit thinking we can double back, but of course it can't be that easy! We weren't paying attention that this wasn't a normal exit we were getting off, but a new highway that doubled us back around, heading us south again except now on a road we've never heard of. We manage to escape with the first exit we come across and we end up in the not-so-great end of some little town called "Norwood" I think it was. I knew the general direction of the stores and restaurants we were looking for and figured they were about five miles away. I figured it we could just keep driving in that general direction that eventually we would find them. That got old real fast.
We stopped an older lady out for a walk and asked if she could tell us how to get there and she obliged, but it was no simple path. It's a good think that I'm "like a freakin' homing pigeon!" as I always tease my husband. He, on the other hand, has the navagational capacity of some lumpy mashed potatoes. But I digress.
We finally arrive in the area we had been looking for only to find---oh you're going to love this-- the only thing there was a Golden Corrall aka "The Trough". This happens to be Scott's favorite restaurant whereas I would rather stick icepicks in my ears most of the time. I wanted to go somewhere nice with my hard-earned money and dress up, order drinks and be treated like a princess, whereas his idea of a night on the town is taking me to the trough and bringing me back a piece of steak from the buffet. Even though the food actually wasn't bad, the whole thing sucked and I fully own up to pouting most of the time about it. The kids loved it though.
Soon enough we were back on the road and we actually found our way home without much trouble. Now we're home and I'm tired and cranky.
It only took us a little over three hours to "go get some dinner" (as we said we were going to do).
I felt like we were in "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle"! All that for the "trough". *sigh* I can't wait for Monday when the rest of my funds are available and then I'll feel much better and all recovered from this adventure!


Allison said…
Oh my word! I was in Cincy tonight too...but I hit my bumper to bumper traffic coming home!!!
Shawnda Lee said…
Watch it! I like the "trough" too!!