Craft time!

I bought an old tablecloth and an orange towel from Goodwill
and made some ghosts for the yard.

They turned out really cute!



I've been so homesick lately. 
I've been thinking about my life and the familiar sights and sounds of home. 

One of those sights is my high school. 
Of course, it does not exist anymore
because they use the building for kindergarten now (at least they did).

I still love it. High school was a great, happy time for me. 

Why I don't write more often...


An open letter to Scott Martinez...

In which I lower my standards and speak what's truly on my mind...

Yes, I still think you are a slimy piece of traitorous, lying crap.
I am still profoundly disappointed in you
and how fast you spit on a long friendship.
This isn't exactly in my character,
as I'm typically someone who forgives and gives the benefit of the doubt,
but more than a year later and no, I'm not over it.

Just in case you were wondering and all. 

No wonder you always locked your phone on your partners...
there's some good stuff in there. 

Actually, both were pretty easy in this case

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