Friday five

  1. Can we say PMS in the house??? I never used to get cranky during my hormonal haze, but the older I get. oooooooo honey! I just have NO tolerance for anything this week. Seriously, I wish my family would realize that they are breathing too loud for my liking!
  2. I withdrew the girls from their school today and enrolled them in Courtney's school. Amelia comes home early almost every day because her "stomach hurts" and she's so worked up into hysterics because she doesn't want to be there and has so much anxiety that she's making herself sick. It's just going to be easier on everyone having them at the same school. Plus, their school day just got shorter by two hours which is good because I thought they were there for way too long before.
  3. Speaking of school, while Amelia has been having near daily melt-downs, Madelaine made student of the month today--which is a huge deal at her school. She's pretty disappointed that she had to leave.
  4. We're going back up north this weekend to see the baby (my new niece Isabella) and to let the kids see their friends. Darren wants to come back with us for a few weeks. It will be nice to see him, but I'm also worried about what will happen after he gets bored in four or five days. I'm not ready to be stressed out.
  5. Be still my naughty bits--IT'S FALL! Today's weather was so delicious I can't get enough of it. It's been a comfortable 74 degrees all day and we were able to drive with the windows down and I didn't break a sweat once today. I know this sounds like it wouldn't normally be a big deal, but I tend to get a little salty when I'm hot--I can only imagine how it would be when I'm cranky to begin with. Other than that, not a lot going on which is why I haven't been blogging much. Working and living--nothing extravagant. Hope all is well with y'all!


Odd Google searches

  1. t-shirt sex cpr unconscious (what. the. hell.???)
  2. clipart and silence please and graphic
  3. does the mad-1 work for social anxiety
  4. mood weed
  5. rollin rollin i love you
  6. who sings the song about laying in bed with nothing but your tshirt on?
  7. picture of four metaparadigms of nursing
  8. Last but not least: don't worry it's not my blood

These were CRAZY! lol So funny! What the heck are people googling out there??? Actually, the question is ... WHY??? AND, how did they land on my page? lol



It's fixed! It's fixed! After a whole week with no phone/internet/cable, it's finally fixed! At 4:10 pm Time Warner finally got their crap together! Woohoo!


Must. wake. up.

The past few days at work have been extremely busy with all of the storm havok that has been wreaked. This morning I'm back at work and luckily don't have to float anywhere--I get to just do my job and supervise. This is a good thing because I'm having trouble getting my eyes to stay open! Even when they're open they keep crossing and I can't see straight because I'm SO TIRED. I don't know how I'm going to successfully make it through the next 12 1/2 hours!
We still don't have cable/internet/phone at home. Blast that Time Warner for convincing us to bundle! I hope we have it back by this weekend. My parents are coming in on Friday and it's going to get awful boring if we don't even have tv!
Courtney is back in school now, but the kids still don't have classes. That whole part of downtown still doesn't have power. I wish I were home sleeping with them right now!


Like moths to a flame

Anyone keeping up with the news knows that our area was hit with a "category one dry hurricane" yesterday and that just about the whole region is blacked-out. The wind was CRAZY! Driving around you'll see trees uprooted and turned over, roofs blown off. Yesterday all you could here (besides the wind) were sirens. Today all you can hear are chainsaws.
You know what important life lesson I've learned through all of this? Electricity is a beautiful thing. At this point in time I'm pretty much in love with it. I want to have little electric babies with it. Instead of living in wedded bliss with my power & light lover, I'm sitting here with no internet, tv, radio, cable….a working refrigerator.
Last night we ventured out to find something to eat because we have next to nothing here. Unfortunately, everyone in the greater Dayton area decided to do the same thing. Originally, Scott had decided to go it alone and after an hour returned home to say that after waiting in line for an hour, McDonalds closed down and any other open restaurant was cash only—and there were working ATM machines in sight. So as a family, we left figuring that even if we had to drive to Indianapolis to find food, we'd do it. Looking around us, all you could see were hundreds of cars searching for lights that are turned on—because that means power and the possibility of money and food.
We finally found a working ATM machine and there was a Wendy's nearby that had a line out the driveway and down the street. We planted ourselves at the end of the line and waited an hour to get our food. After that, the girls and I drove to Indiana to pick up Courtney (who was gone for the weekend) and the power was out all the way there. We sat alone in the pitch-black parking lot of a truckstop where we normally meet Maribel. It was so spooky—I kept waiting for someone to pop out with a chainsaw or something!
Today we woke up and drove to the library—they still have power (AND wifi as it turns out…I may just run back up there and post this!). We then found an open market and ran in to do some shopping. I only had $30 bucks on me so couldn't get much (debit cards aren't working right now). I wanted to get some ice for the cooler so that we could at least keep our milk from spoiling, but the line for the possibility of ice (they had run out and MIGHT get some in) was out the door. Instead, we got some things that didn't need refrigerating.
Now we're sitting here having conversations that would never be had if it weren't for having no power. Conversations such as "if you could have any bed you wanted, what kind would it be?" I would thoroughly be enjoying this time of peace and quiet if the house wasn't filled with three children who are completely stir crazy. Constant talking, arguing, "I'm BOREDs". The kids are now out for a walk to gawk at all the trees laying on cars and houses. I have to say that one fabulous side-effect of the storm was having the most glorious cool-weather fall day today. It is magnificent and I am loving every minute of it. I threw on my navy and white rugby shirt today when heading out and was in my own little paradise (all while the rest of my family totally complained about it being "freezing").
My sister-in-law is in labor right now up north and I hate not having a phone to keep in contact. Hopefully, things will be better soon. Though I suppose if this is the worst that life gets we're pretty blessed.


The power of the black box

I installed a widget over on the right-hand side called "The black box" and it has sent all sorts of interesting people my way! If you've arrived from the black box--WELCOME! :) I'd love it if you leave a comment and let me know you've come by and what responses you gave to the box (if you remember) that got you here.
If you haven't tried it yet, please do. It asks you a series of questions and then gives you a random blog owned by someone who answered the questions the same as you did. It can take you some interesting places. Have fun!
Also, if you'd like one for your own page, here's a link to where you can get it...

Friday five

  1. Had a great time tonight with the girls--The Full Monty was a great surprise.
  2. Feeling ok though not great--I had to take some phenergan before I left.
  3. Concerned about people facing Ike, especially the elderly. I just saw a clip of two old, frail women holding each other and trying to wade through knee-deep water trying to escape. They didn't look like they'd make it very far. I worry for all of those that won't be able to walk down the streets. I don't want to see another repeat of Katrina. They just said that this storm is actually bigger than Katrina and that the effects will be "catastrophic". That scares me, I hope people use wisdom.
  4. Courtney's new boyfriend Austin was in a bad car accident tonight and needs your prayer. It's been several hours and we haven't had an update. I had called the hospital a little while ago and the operator said he was still in the trauma unit. Courtney just called to tell me that she had one of their school friends go up there and he says that Austin has multiple broken bones and is still unconscious. The passenger Matt is worse off and is comatose. Please pray for these families and for Courtney.
  5. I'm waiting excitedly for my niece to be born in the next few days! Jennifer is set to be induced on Monday morning at 7:30 but is nervous about it because she very much wants to do it on her own without drugs or chemicals. I hope it all goes well and I can't wait to meet our new little one!

The Full Monty

I've seen the movie several times (heck, I owned the movie!), but I had no idea how HILLARIOUS the performance of The Full Monty would be! It was freakin' awesome and I'd love to see it again. One of the stupidly funny songs I've had stuck in my head since the show is "Big Ass Rock"--an ode to friendship and helping a friend out, even if that means helping them kill themselves in the best way. "We'll get a rock--I mean a big-ass rock..." LOL Here's a cute video set to the song. Enjoy! (and go see the show when you can!) P.S... potty words present!


Someone needs to send Tina down there to kick Ike's butt!

I'm praying for all of the people who are facing the threat of Hurricane Ike. I know that there are states full of people being evacuated and worry for those that aren't able to--whether because of age, money or whatever. The blue stars on the map mark the approximate locations of where we lived for several years. Courtney was born in Louisiana and Darren was born in Texas. I keep thinking of all the people we knew down there--our old landlord, the old black man who had a thick cajun accent that cooked us Christmas dinner while I was in labor with Courtney--because that's what neighbors do. I also wonder about my friend Tommy who is still there with his new(ish) wife. I wonder if they've all gotten out ok. I just read that the governor has announced that the residents are facing "certain death" if they choose not to evacuate and that scares me so bad. I wonder if the things/places I knew and called home will still be there.
I'm grateful that I'm not there now fearing for the lives of my children. Lord please keep all of those facing Ike safe (especially those who can't help themselves and also the first-responders)....

I haven't forgotten

Today was the anniversary of one of the worst days in American history. Although I haven't forgotten, I was surprised that this year (for the first time really), the past events of 9-11 didn't haunt my mind all day in remembrance. Thoughts and memories flitted through my mind here and there through the day, but it wasn't a piercing pain like it has been in years past.
Tonight while I was spending girl's night over half-priced appetizers at Applebees, we got into a conversation about it and for the first time today I felt my eyes tearing up. I realize that although it is a wound in my heart that has begun to heal, I certainly haven't forgotten. September 11, 2001 is a day that will live fresh in my mind and heart until the day I die, I suspect.
As Allison spoke the words "Where were you?" , memories of that day began to flood my mind. I know it sounds trite, but it truly was a lovely day. Beautiful, peaceful, calm. Blue skies. A beauty that would quickly be destroyed by ungodly sights and sounds, heightened emotions, fear and uncertainty. After watching a few specials on tv about it tonight, the tears that have escaped me all day have finally come. I haven't forgotten--as I'm sure so many of you haven't either.
Please help me to comfort others the way that you have been so faithful to comfort me.

"Silent Night 911"


Today was a busy but good day. Some doctor's appointments, paying bills, dinner with friends, wal-mart run with the fam... now I'm finally home and relaxing for another busy day tomorrow. Now if we could only get everyone in this house to be healthy at one time--no throwing up, sneezing, coughing...just healthy!


Work it Diva

Tonight we were making fun of Madelaine's tendency to react to things with "flair". Without thinking, she will throw her hands in the air, throw her head back and with a breathy voice answer a question or say something descriptive--for example: Courtney just said something was getting all greasy and Maddie did all of the above while letting out a dramatic, "SPARKLYYYYY!" You really have to see it to get it, but watching her do this countless times day after day it starts to get pretty funny.
So as we're sitting there encouraging her to embrace her inner drag queen and laughing our butts off at her tendency to vogue while doing jazz hands and spirit fingers, we decided to figure out our drag names and refer to each other by them for the rest of the night.
As many of you know, to find out your drag name you combine the name of your first pet with the name of the street you grew up on. Unfortunately, some of our names tend to be redundant and boring because everyone grew up on the same street. To make up for this, a few people took the name of one of the other streets we have lived on.
Here is the list:



Courtney= Heckyll Foster

Scott= Pup Joan

And for the piece de resistance....

Veronica= Miss Roxy Von Fosterave (Holla!)

Let me say that the name of my first pet was Socks and that was totally boring...so I decided to use the name of my grandpa's dog which was Roxy and fits much nicer into the mix. Also, I decided to make it a bit more fabulous (of course) to fit nicer with, well...ME.

Graphic of the day

So rarely does a picture sum up my thoughts and feelings as this one does today....

Graphic of the day


There is a reason

I worked my first night shift in over a year, which is probably part of the reason (being so tired) that I am irritable and emotional this morning. I've been struggling the past day or so though, and more so this morning with some hurt feelings. Since writing my blog about friendship the other day and talking about how certain friends have gotten busy and we've drifted apart and how it was ok with me--yada, yada-- I received an email from a used-to-be-close friend basically saying how glad she was that I understood her dumping me as a friend and non-challantly letting me know that she had done it on purpose and was intentionally moving away from me friendship-wise. She even gave me the whole "it's me, not you" speech.
Am I the only one in the world who thinks this was a really, really mean thing to do? She says that she wanted to have some closure and wanted to say goodbye, but I just think it was shitty. I fully agree that we are in two different places, but you know what? I didn't come out and tell you why I hadn't called you--I was kind enough to let you think that I was just too busy... don't you think that would've been the best thing to do in return instead of confirming that you're dumping our friendship?
Anyways, this whole thing has been getting to me pretty bad and I keep finding my eyes tearing up, surprising even myself that it's bothering me so bad. It made me think about my blog from teh other day and realize that if I'm honest about things then I have to admit that it DOES bother me and it DOES hurt my feelings. I'm NOT ok with people just walking away. I fully own the fact that because of many circumstances in my life story that I have issues with security and rejection, but with that being said I just can't really wrap my brain around it. Being such a loyal person, I just do not understand how you can be close to someone and then NOT be close to someone. I just don't know how to do that. I don't make friends very easily (not close ones), but once I decide to embrace you I am loyal and will be there through thick and thin. It still hurts my feelings in life when I realize that I tend to be the exception rather than the rule.
So this morning I'm sitting here with my lip quivering whenever I think about this and I read one of my friends blogs. She said, "Romans 8:28 says 'And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.' God uses all things. ALL THINGS. He uses all things for a REASON. And what is that reason? For our GOOD. Even the difficult things. Even the tedious things. Even the irritating things. Even the confusing things. He uses ALL things for a reason and for a purpose. HIS purpose."
It's a verse that I know well. So well that it tends to not always hit home because it's so familiar. Today however, my heart was moved and I was reminded that no matter whether the way she went about things was right or wrong, kind or selfish, my faithful, sovereign Heavenly Father will use all of this for my good. He has promised--and I can rest peacefully in the knowledge that he is the one person that will never fail me. Never. He will NEVER say "It's been nice, but GOODBYE." NEVER.


Que paso vato?

Today is a laaaaazy Saturday (aka the best kind of day). I have to work tomorrow during the day and Monday night so this is wonderful. I slept like a total rock until about 10:30 and then got to go out to lunch with Allison & Shawnda. Came home, put my pajamas BACK ON and have been sitting here ever since. Best. Day. Ever.
So what are you up to?


Clowns wear painted smiles. That's why they seem so sinister. All over the world there are people giving a misleading impression. As the old song puts it, 'There's no people, like show people, they smile when they are low...' But are you on stage now? To what extent must you put on a false front? Recent events have left you a little psychologically battered and bruised. Your confidence is low. So is your level of expectation. You don't even want to act cheerful. You'll settle for hiding behind the anxiety in your eyes. Jupiter and Saturn, though, suggest you will soon find real, fresh hope and this will give rise to a lasting look of genuine joy.

Yep, yep....

The tree of life

I received an email this morning from someone I used to be close to. Nothing happened to cease the friendship, she just kind of went away-- I haven't spoken to her in months. Years ago this would've torn me up, but now I just accept it as life and file that person away into one of my many friend categories.
A few years ago I was watching a Tyler Perry play (I can't remember which one) and Madea was referring to the people in our lives as parts of a tree and that has stuck with me ever since. The people closest to you that you do not, could not, would not live without are your roots. The roots keep the tree standing during the storm and are it's main support system. They also feed the tree and give it all of its sustenance. The branches are people close to the tree, but aren't as close as the roots. They are attached to the tree, but sometimes they can be flimsy and with even a little bit of weight put on them they break off. Even the strongest of branches can die and break off, and they all sway with the wind. Lastly are the leaves. They look really pretty, they are flashy and fun and bring a lot of color to the tree's life--but they are only there for a season and then they go away. They have no significan't hold on the tree and with one good gust of wind they leave.
Over the past few years I have begun the process of weeding out the people in my life. See, normally I am the caretaker. It's in my blood, it's just how I roll. After a few significan't events that made me see how shallow some of my "friendships" were, I decided to take a step back and stop being the attentive one. The faithful one who always sent the birthday/I'm thinking of you/get well cards, stopped calling to make sure they were ok because it had been too long since we'd spoken, would arrange lunches, buy Christmas gifts, etc. I stopped all of it and pulled way, way back. What happened was that my fears were confirmed--most of my friends fell off the face of the earth.
Once in a while when I bump into them, I'll hear "I'm so glad to see you! I've missed you so much! Where have you been??" But the truth is, they don't value my friendship and are merely leaves or weak branches or else they would know where I've been because they would have been getting ahold of me if they hadn't heard from me. It's been a somewhat painful process watching people that I cared about float away, but it's also been good because I now know who the very core group of people are in my life. I know who is there no matter what and through thick and thin. I've also learned who I care enough about to be a good friend to them--who I'm picking up the phone to call and check up on when I don't hear from them for a few days. Those are my roots--the rest are just leaves.

There comes a point in your life when you realize

who matters,

who never did,

who won't anymore...

and who always will.

So, don't worry about people from your past,

there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future.


Friday five

  1. Watching Project Runway--Leanne is a dark horse (she's surprisingly talented), Kenley is my girl-crush from the show: she's totally me in her personal style but unfortunately her creations often suck. Stella with her "leatha" has become very quotable in our household. And last but not least, If Suede doesn't stop referring to Suede by his name Suede, he just may find a blue-suede shoe up his arse.
  2. CRAAAAAAANKY! Nuff said.
  3. Working in the emergency room Thurs & Friday and back in ICU on Saturday. Next week orient with the supervisors and then off on my own after that.
  4. Need to blog soon about all of my latest crushes. Gordon Ramsay (yes, really lol) stands out at the head of the pack lately. On Hell's Kitchen he's way too mean and I think that's "Hollywood's" fault. On Kitchen Nightmares, he is actually human. Albeit a human with a foul mouth (which kind of turns me on even more truth be told. lol). I don't care if he has a bit of a wonky face, he's yummy after watching him for a while. I love his style, his personality and his shoes.
  5. Got ambushed on the phone by my car payment company tonight. I'm trying to push them an extra week so that I send my payment when my paycheck comes (rational, right?). They don't like that so if you're on my reference list, don't tell them where I live. Just kidding, of course. Ok, no I'm not. Don't rat me out! We gotta stick together! ;)


To everything turn, turn, turn....

You know how I always say that everything in music and fashion usually makes a full-circle about every twenty years? Well, today my daughter has been BEGGING me to spend $150 to get her a spiral curly perm. Yep. the mall hair is on it's way back!


Odd Google searches

  1. Who sings the song about laying in bed with nothing but your tshirt on

Hell hath no fury--like a woman with PMS

Ooooooh, honey... do you smell that??? Something stinks and lately it's been my attitude! Let me tell you, for the past few weeks with being sick and with all the drama the inevitably happens when you have several children--B'GAWK!
Actually, it's been an occassional thing but the past day or so since PMS has set in--fuggedaboutit. I am agitated and irritated and any of those other "ated" words you can find to throw on. I'm not so proud to admit that I even blew a gasket at the taco bell manager the other day. LOL--I know *hanging head in shame (and kind of laughing at the same time heehee)*.
The backstory is this: I had just worked 12 1/2 hours and knew that in an hour I had to leave for Indiana to meet Maribel so that she could take my kids for the weekend. I DID NOT feel like driving, let alone cooking--and Scott hadn't *rolling eyes*. SO, we stop at Taco Bell and the line was literally around the corner. Trying to be sweet, Scott offers to go inside--and is in there for over TWENTY FIVE minutes! I watched the drive-thru line come and go and still nothing. Mind you, we didn't have a huge order either--we had two burritos and a taco. THAT'S IT.
After twenty five minutes of sitting in the car thinking, "JUST STAB ME IN THE FREAKIN' NECK AND GET IT OVER WITH!", I finally say to the girls, "LET'S GO!" and I storm inside.
I approach my husband who is waiting calmly by the counter and ask him what the time on the receipt was...just like I thought, twenty five minutes ago. "If my making a scene will embarrass you, you should take the girls and wait in the car." At first he does the stand-by-his-woman thing, but the longer the manager takes to get to the counter (ALMOST TEN MINUTES), the more sure he is that maybe the car thing isn't such a bad idea. He grabs the girls and heads outside.
The manager finally shows up and I have kittens! I'm ranting about how it's now been 14 hours that I have been on my feet and I didn't work all day long so that I could wait at Taco Bell for nearly 45 minutes for THREE things, etc etc etc. At first she just kept shrugging her shoulders and doing the "sorry, our bad..." thing and I wasn't having it. She finally said, "Ma'am, can I give you a soda or fruitista or something?" and I spout back, "NO! I WANT MY $9.07 BACK! NOW!" By this time she so nervous. With shaky hands and voice she said, "Ok, right away" and went to her drawer. Some guy behind me huffed and puffed when she agreed to give me my money back and I turned around and made eye contact with him thinking, "You want some too???" She handed my money and I left. Proud of myself, but somewhat ashamed that I--ME--VERONICA-- caused a scene in the local Taco Bell and almost made the manager cry. LOL Yeah, kind of funny now but still.
Since then there have been a few other incidents, one of which would be some white-trash girl (not a judgement, merely a fact) at Courtney's school who was hating on her because she's the pretty new girl and the boys are falling all over her--walked into my daughter's class-in-progress and grabbed her out of her seat and started punching her in the face!!! OH YES SHE DID! I'm proud to say (not because I teach my kids to fight, but I DO teach them to stick up for themselves) that my daughter proceeded to kick the girls butt. However, this entire situation infuriated me to say the least! I put her in that school that we have to drive twenty minutes each way to because the public schools are too full of trash like that!
The principal said that Courtney wasn't suspended because there were a ton of witness that it was self-defense, but wanted me to come pick her up anyways to give her time to get her bearings. I still had bed-head and asked if they could just send her out when I got there and she said, "Yeah, but let us know when you get here because that other girl is still waiting in the lobby..." My response? "Oh hell no! I'll be RIGHT THERE."
I told Scott he needed to come with me because if he saw me lunging at any teenagers he needed to pull me off (in my state of mind today I was only half-kidding) and when we pulled in the parking lot I saw the boy that caused all of this sitting in a car watching the front doors. I got out of the car and instead of heading for the school, I turned around and headed for the kids car. I noticed there was a girl in the backseat staring at me. After figuring out that this was not the same girl who caused the trouble, I proceeded to put a verbal smack-down on this boy and warned him to stay away from my daughter (it sounds so much calmer and less profane when I write it than when it happened. lol).
I went inside and because I didn't know WHO this girl was, I decided to give EVERY girl the stank eye--that way my bases were covered should the real perpetrator be there. Turns out none of the girls were her and she was actually in the principal's office with her mom who was threatening to press charges on my daughter because she bloodied her nose so bad. She was promptly told by, well...everyone, that she couldn't press charges seeing as how it was HER daughter who went all ninja on an innocent person.
Courtney's ok, but I am still in the foulest of moods. I've gotta chill--or have a drink or something! Pray for me y'all!

Graphic of the day

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