Work it Diva

Tonight we were making fun of Madelaine's tendency to react to things with "flair". Without thinking, she will throw her hands in the air, throw her head back and with a breathy voice answer a question or say something descriptive--for example: Courtney just said something was getting all greasy and Maddie did all of the above while letting out a dramatic, "SPARKLYYYYY!" You really have to see it to get it, but watching her do this countless times day after day it starts to get pretty funny.
So as we're sitting there encouraging her to embrace her inner drag queen and laughing our butts off at her tendency to vogue while doing jazz hands and spirit fingers, we decided to figure out our drag names and refer to each other by them for the rest of the night.
As many of you know, to find out your drag name you combine the name of your first pet with the name of the street you grew up on. Unfortunately, some of our names tend to be redundant and boring because everyone grew up on the same street. To make up for this, a few people took the name of one of the other streets we have lived on.
Here is the list:



Courtney= Heckyll Foster

Scott= Pup Joan

And for the piece de resistance....

Veronica= Miss Roxy Von Fosterave (Holla!)

Let me say that the name of my first pet was Socks and that was totally I decided to use the name of my grandpa's dog which was Roxy and fits much nicer into the mix. Also, I decided to make it a bit more fabulous (of course) to fit nicer with, well...ME.


Allison said…
Um, ok. So "Sandy West Twenty Second Street" just doesn't have the same exciting flair as Roxy or Poptart, but oh well. lol
Haha...well, I would make it "Sandy 22"--it sounds better. ;)