Odd Google searches

  1. t-shirt sex cpr unconscious (what. the. hell.???)
  2. clipart and silence please and graphic
  3. does the mad-1 work for social anxiety
  4. mood weed
  5. rollin rollin i love you
  6. who sings the song about laying in bed with nothing but your tshirt on?
  7. picture of four metaparadigms of nursing
  8. Last but not least: don't worry it's not my blood

These were CRAZY! lol So funny! What the heck are people googling out there??? Actually, the question is ... WHY??? AND, how did they land on my page? lol


Allison said…
Well I don't know about those who are lost and looking to be found on Google... God bless their insane hearts, but I came here by way of the Little Black Box and I really like it!

Nice page!

Also... I'm very keen on the sparkly bit when I hover over a link. That's cool! How'd you do that?

Scarlett & Viaggiatore (the Shameless Lion)