Friday five

  1. Watching Project Runway--Leanne is a dark horse (she's surprisingly talented), Kenley is my girl-crush from the show: she's totally me in her personal style but unfortunately her creations often suck. Stella with her "leatha" has become very quotable in our household. And last but not least, If Suede doesn't stop referring to Suede by his name Suede, he just may find a blue-suede shoe up his arse.
  2. CRAAAAAAANKY! Nuff said.
  3. Working in the emergency room Thurs & Friday and back in ICU on Saturday. Next week orient with the supervisors and then off on my own after that.
  4. Need to blog soon about all of my latest crushes. Gordon Ramsay (yes, really lol) stands out at the head of the pack lately. On Hell's Kitchen he's way too mean and I think that's "Hollywood's" fault. On Kitchen Nightmares, he is actually human. Albeit a human with a foul mouth (which kind of turns me on even more truth be told. lol). I don't care if he has a bit of a wonky face, he's yummy after watching him for a while. I love his style, his personality and his shoes.
  5. Got ambushed on the phone by my car payment company tonight. I'm trying to push them an extra week so that I send my payment when my paycheck comes (rational, right?). They don't like that so if you're on my reference list, don't tell them where I live. Just kidding, of course. Ok, no I'm not. Don't rat me out! We gotta stick together! ;)