Rest for the weary

I think everyone needed a break from the intensity that we've all been feeling the last few weeks! What's awesome is that we all were able to recognize that's what we all needed. Too often people fail to realize the fact that they really need to take a time out from the "work" and they just keep on pushing....and that leads to burnout, breakdown, etc. Even when you ride a roller coaster it's impossible to continue going down the hill the entire ride. You have to take a break. Give your system a rest...and that's just the way life is. You go up and then you come back down. Then when you're ready again...you climb another hill.

I'm really glad that we all have each other to share the hills with! I'm also really glad that we all have each other to share the breaks with too. :)


Monday, Monday

Things are going pretty good here finally. I worked last night. I actually called off but felt so guilty that I offered to come in anyways. LOL I'm way too nice for my own good!!! At least my patients were all well-behaved and cooperative last night... I think they knew better! haha So I can't wait to crawl into my nice soft bed and sleep the day away. It looks like rain outside.... perfect sleeping weather! Mmmmmmmm can't wait!


Doing ok

Well, the funeral was over a week ago and I'm doing ok. He looked pretty good. So onward and upward now. This week I'm dealing with my kindergartener crying every school day that she doesn't want to leave me, doesn't want to ride the bus, please don't make her go... wrenches at my heart every morning! Bless her heart, I don't want her to leave either but gotta do it. One of my best friends Kristin got married Saturday.... BEST WEDDING EVER! :) I had the best time even though i got STOOD UP!!! (ahem Carl!) But I had a great time anyways!
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