The good news and the bad news....

It's been a rotten week so far.
MAJOR kid problems with Maddie.
Please pray for her y'all,
The Devil's working on her hard
and she's such a baby to be 
playing with such grown folks business.

It's been pretty difficult and ugly 
around here for the past day or so,
hopefully I finally got through to her
at least a little bit.

That's all the bad news.

The good news?

My pretty Corki comes home tomorrow.


This makes my heart very, very happy.

I can breathe again.

xoxo veronica


Stuck in my head aka my new anthem

Happy Days are Here Again/Come on Get Happy
originally sung by
Barbra Streisand
Judy Garland

but here sung fantastically
the GLEE crew!

xoxo veronica


Rawwwr! Fear me!

Question for ya.
What do you look like when you're at home?

This me up top there in that picture.

As soon as I walk in the door, I walk straight to my bedroom,
take off my shoes and put on comfy clothes.

On days where I don't feel like washing, blow-drying, flat-ironing my hair,
I simply throw it up in pig-tails and bob's your uncle.

The reason I ask is because Paul made a comment yesterday that made
me tilt my head, raise my eyebrow and say "hmmmm?"

He gave me a few compliments (as he usually does),
but at the end, followed it up with a "Hmm?  What was that you say?" moment.

He said, "Oh I think you're beautiful.  
Your hair is a good cut to compliment your face shape,
I love your body and your curves,
the little bit of makeup you wear is just enough to compliment your features....
and even without makeup,
you're soft and beautiful.
I've seen you with your pig-tails in your hair,
and.... eh, okay.
I can deal with that.
Would I want to go to the mall with you looking like that?
Probably not.
But I guess around the house it could be acceptable."

'Scuse? What's that?  Pardon?
Wait, I couldn't hear you, take the silver spoon out of your mouth first.

"...could be acceptable"?
You had to live in a spoiled little bubble if you think
women should look pristine at all times
and should never go somewhere as FANCY *JAZZ HANDS*
as the MALL without their coif perfected.


This whole thing struck me weird in several ways.

First of all,
"could be acceptable...."
since when do I need to make sure what
I wear is acceptable to anyone but myself?

Oh yeah, I DON'T.
I could really care LESS, my friend, what you think about what I wear.
If I want to die my hair hot pink and pierce my nose,
you will just chalk it up to my adorable, quirky little personality.
Them's the rules.
It's in the Bible.

Second of all,
Wouldn't be seen in public with me like that???
Ummmmm, my first thought to that was,
"Then you can leave your ass at home!"
It also made me want to start wearing
simply as an "up yours!"

you guess it would be acceptable to wear them around the house???
How do "normal" people lounge around the house?

Oh, okay.  I understand.  I got you boo, don't even trip.

You expect me to be one of those women
who wake up earlier than the sun in order
to shower, put on full makeup, do full hair and don something cute to wear
before you ever crack open your crusty eyes and scratch your stinky butt
so that you'll never have to look at me as less than perfect?

One of those women who are all,
"My man has never seen me naked or without a full face of makeup.  EVER."

Let me just respond to that honey....


Shorry boo.  Not ever gonna happen.
ever.  evaevaevaevaeva. eva!

I don't think he necessarily meant it as I took it,
but still.  Boy is he in for a rude awakening!
The first time I wake up with bedhead lookin like Chewbacca,
with my cowlick stickin all up.
*belly laugh*
That will be fun.

xoxo veronica

Product Crush

Feast your eyes on my latest product crush.
This stuff is awesome.

It's called Solar Recover.
I even linked to it up there! *gasp*

You all know that I am a bona fide lotion addict.
Well, it's been even worse since I moved to the desert where my skin remains parched, 
so I'm constantly on the prowl for some new moisturizing high.

So far, this stuff is fitting the bill.
The thing is, it's subtle.
The spray is very fine. 
It's actually more of a fine mist than a spray.
And it kind of feels like water when it goes on.
I mean, it's not greasy or oily or anything.
It's lightweight, and almost nonexistent....
yet it works.
I haven't had to put lotion on in a few days 
because this stuff is keeping my skin hydrated.

LUV it!
xoxo veronica


Too cool to link

As I posted the previous post about the book I just finished, it occurred to me (as it always does) that I never link the picture to Amazon or anything.  The problem with that is that would be so expected.  I mean, everyone does that.  I'm just way too cool to link.

Eh, who am I kidding?  We all know I'm just way too LAZY to link!  I got no shame in my game, I own it.

So as usual, nothing new going on here.  Unless, of course, you want to here about stuff like... Maddie got her braces tightened the other day.... and I had bronchitis and have been battling for it to not turn into pneumonia (I think I'm winning)... and my neighbors are retarded.

Ugh, yes, the neighbors.  They've been here for about a month and have just been a nuisance since they arrived.  First it was their inability to clean up after their dog (a cardinal sin of apartment living) and at one point there were at least TEN piles all around the bottom of my stairs.  Yeah, NOT okay.  Now it's that their door constantly SLAMS as their bad kids come in and out all day.  These are the same kids that left a rainbow of CRAYONS on the stairs in the afternoon Phoenix sun the other day and made waxy, colored soup all over the stairs... that they didn't clean up!  Who does that?  I mean, the Lord knows my kids can do some stuff (especially when the boy was little), but I always felt mortified about it, apologizing and cleaning it up as soon as I found out about it.  These guys?  Nah brah.  Nothing.

Which.... is one of the reasons I would like to M-O-V-E.  Oh, I like it here good enough.  There's something to be said for having maintenance men and pool boys...and a gym (that I never use) and a great pool & great room, etc etc etc.  BUT, at what cost?  I want space & privacy and I want my kids to be raised around people who are a tad more settled into a dwelling than some of these apartment dwellers.  The thought of a big, fat house with wide open spaces (and no stairs to climb simply to get in the front door) is very enticing.  Of course, when I moved here, I got rid of just about EVERYTHING, so I have no idea what it is that I would be furnishing this big, fat house with.  Especially since whether now or later, I'm sure Paul would be moving in with me and (don't tell him I said this because it would hurt his feelings.  Okay, I know this because I already told him and it DID hurt his feelings) his belongings are kind of.... um..... choosing words.....choosing words..........  yeah, there's no polite way to put it.  They are blatantly outdated.  Wow, I think that was a gracious way of putting that.  Yeah, his taste level just makes me close my eyes and suck in my lips while shaking my head nooooooo.

Like I said, didn't go over so well.  Which, okay, I totally do NOT get!  WHY would you not understand that the bedroom furniture from the 60's or 70's that you inherited is outdated?  And when I say we would need to buy a new fridge, WHY would you have a panic attack & kind of lose your shit a little and say, "But I have a perfectly GOOD one!  What's wrong with it??"  (Said refrigerator is harvest gold and wheezing/on her death bed as we speak).  I have only two words that will suffice here.....

Oh Lord!

Keep this under wraps though because like I said, he's SUPER sensitive in this area.  He might skip my goodmorning text again because he's all hurt about his 1990 entertainment center with the smoked glass doors that I said I thought was a little out of date.  It's like he sees these pieces of furniture as pieces of self.  Like instead of saying, "I think you need a new fridge", what he hears is "Paul, I think you suck as a human being."  So I'm trying to be nice and compassionate and help him work through his hurt feelings by trying to, um, *cough, cough*  COMPROMISE.

Yes, you heard it right.... compromise.  ME.  And he wants more more more.  He has NO IDEA who he's dealing with and what blood he's getting from a turnip already!  I even agreed to keep one of his dogs.  Yeah, I know.  I broke out in a cold sweat just typing that one.

So let's recap... if and when this ever happens, I have offered to keep (at least temporarily) really, really, really bad furniture (A LOT of it), a dog and possibly even a bird (oh gosh, I can't believe I even went there).  You know me!  I'm not even trying to live in your petting zoo.  I think he needs to talk to some people who know the real program and he needs to get there, because he has no clue how much that is for me to offer.  And truthfully, I'm about to renig on the whole thing.  I'm about to say, "you know what?  You want to think I'm selfish and unwilling to compromise?  Then I will just do what comes natural to me and say, NO!  There will be NO animals in the general vicinity of ME. And NO! we will not be bringing along  ANY home furnishings or appliances that are not from this century!  Etc etc etc.  Ugh.

All that venting aside, I think it would be great to be in a house, and all the other positive things  that go along with it.  He's a great guy and he brings a lot more than old furniture (and pet hair) to the table.  He brings a plethora of good as well, which is why I've been willing to compromise.  But how much is too much?  How much is enough?  Ugh, this is foreign territory to me.  Compromise. Pshhhh.

xoxo veronica

Just Finished....

Okay, good news.

Well, to be fair, I didn't looooove the book,
but I did like it. Alot.

You know what it is?
I think it's because it was a book of little
short tid-bits, kind of like little blogs inside of a book,
not one long story.

I think that's what I needed,
because lately I can get a little 
ADD with books and by the middle I'm just like,
"really book?  I mean really?  *sigh* Come ON!"

So this was exactly what I needed.
And she's funny too.
I like her wit.

Thumbs up!

(Hey Rita, have you read this one?)
xoxo veronica



It's OCTOBER! It's OCTOBER! It's OCTOBER! It's OCTOBER! Good riddance September!!! :)

xoxo veronica
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