Product Crush

Feast your eyes on my latest product crush.
This stuff is awesome.

It's called Solar Recover.
I even linked to it up there! *gasp*

You all know that I am a bona fide lotion addict.
Well, it's been even worse since I moved to the desert where my skin remains parched, 
so I'm constantly on the prowl for some new moisturizing high.

So far, this stuff is fitting the bill.
The thing is, it's subtle.
The spray is very fine. 
It's actually more of a fine mist than a spray.
And it kind of feels like water when it goes on.
I mean, it's not greasy or oily or anything.
It's lightweight, and almost nonexistent....
yet it works.
I haven't had to put lotion on in a few days 
because this stuff is keeping my skin hydrated.

LUV it!
xoxo veronica