Oh how my kids crack me up! lol Especially Amelia. She has to be the most naturally funny kid I've ever seen...even when she's trying to be totally serious! Like in the picture below. Scott wanted to take her picture in my wig and she wanted to act cranky and pretend she wasn't enjoying it, so she balled her fists up and tried to put on her "mean face". ROFLMBO!!! NOT! She looks hillarious to me!
Then there's Maddie..the preteen that doesn't want to be bothered with such retardedness...

I felt like crap tonight so I let Courtney take the girls trick-or-treating. She loved it...freedom without mom! (she's been grounded forever! lol) But I layed here feeling guilty for an hour-and-a-half. It's the first time I haven't gone since Courtney was born. But that's ok...it was much harder on me than on them. They could've cared less! lol They got their candy, that's all that mattered to them. they all looked cute though...I'll put a pic below this. Courtney's excited because she finally gets her braces off November 26th...after three long years! lol Hope you all had a good day!


In my other life

In my other life I am surrounded by wonder and dreaminess. In my other life I have a perfect figure and get dressed up in beautiful, flawless gowns with beautiful hair and go to dance halls. It's at these clubs that I am the most wonderful conversationalist. I talk over world affairs, religion and politics with the cultured people at my table while sipping champagne and never smearing my lipstick. Women wear dresses and men wear suits...and hats. They all find me irresistably charming and as the laughter lingers after a funny little joke I tell without ever screwing up the punchline, the prince charming that is at my side holds his hand out to me. I take his hand and we swirl dreamily around the dance floor. In my other life I'm a wonderful dancer. I'm as light on my feet as anyone has ever seen. I know all the steps to float across the floor and twirl like a ballerina under his hand. The big band plays in the background...beautiful melodies that make me swoon. I can feel the brass section vibrating through my heart and soul as I look into the dark eyes of the beautiful, good-smelling man with perfect posture who is holding me in his arms.

In my other life romance is real. Times can be hard and trouble well-felt, but the music can take it all away. In my other life I am a princess in my own fairy tale. At least that's what I feel whenever I listen to "my music". The sounds, the smells, the colors....it's as real to me as if I had been standing there yesterday. Knowing I couldn't have been I talk to God about this all the time. I ask him how I have memories that I don't have? How do I have a nostalgia for someplace I've never been? The best that I can come up with is that when I was still up in Heaven, my Father knew how much I would love that era...so like a mother who lets her little girls play dress-up and make believe with her pearls and high-heels my Heavenly Father let me lay dreamily on my belly with my knees bent and hand under my chin while he pulled the clouds back for me and let me take it all in. Like a child who sneaks out of bed and secretly peeks out at the party his parents are having and dreams of being one of the growns ups...that's how I experienced the 20's, 30's and 40's. I must've lived it like a fairy tale from a distance....living it but not living it. Dreaming away my days in heaven...imagining the moment that my dad would finally let me go to the party.

In my other life I'm living my dream. In my real life I'm sitting here in my nightgown and underwear drinking some coffee from the coffee beanery and listening to my husband's off-key voice singing 80's music. *cynical stare*


The office

I've been working hard getting the office together. This is what has come of my hard work so far. I should've taken pictures of it before hand!! lol It's come a long way baby! Notice the HUGE picture of Scott and I. lol He got bored one day and printed out a picture of us... all on standard printer paper and pieced it together like a puzzle. This thing is huge! Like 3' x 4'. To each their own I guess! lol At least it doesn't look bad. Needless to say I'm glad to finally have a place to sit and relax...and keep my stuff organized. There is a definite split between MY half of the room and HIS. I've already caught him trying to sneak stuff into my half and I sqwak like a chicken! "STOP!" lol


Bob it like Beckham

I got my haircut today. It was time for a trim and so I went and it got SHORT! lol I L-O-V-E it, but this is exactly what it's like in this picture of posh!! I didn't go in asking for her cut, but I got it anyways! :) Even though the initial thought of this short hair freaked me out, I absolutely love it now. Let's hope I still do tomorrow and not be sitting on my bathroom floor sobbing while in the fetal position! lol (who hasn't done the "bad haircut crawl"?) :)



I'm having so much trouble getting motivated this year! I can't get my house how I want it, partly because of a frustrating husband who blocks me at every turn...long story for another blog.... and partly because I just feel freakin' LAZY lately! I was too lazy back in july to have Maddie's b-day party. Then in August to have Amelia's. lol Poor kids! So I made it sound like I did it on purpose and all fun and said "I thought it would be fun to have late birthday parties and have a HALLOWEEN party!!!" Oh man...HOOK, LINE & SINKER! lol So they've been nagging me since then about planning the party and I didn't want to hear it. In one ear and out the other. But today I figured...ok, I got people coming! I need to start figuring SOMETHING out before I wait till the last minute like usual.

So we decided on a basic plan of attack. Everyone's soooo excited because I normally don't do the whole "halloween" thing...FALL, yes...but not halloween. So we agreed on the basic ground rules... Spooky & creepy is ok...like spiders, bats & creepy crawlies. Death is NOT...no tombstones, arms sticking up out of the ground, etc. No gore or blood & guts. No evil...like pentagrams and the other nasty junk they have at the halloween store. Maybe a lighthearted skeleton here or there, but nothing bad. I explained to them that they needed to find a way to participate in these kinds of things and have fun without crossing the line and being dishonoring to God. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! lol Scott gave me a little bit of attitude along the way because he's a halloween freak and likes all the nasty gore and creepiness, but I stood my ground. He finally admitted that he saw my point and agreed.

So we decided to have some of it in the house...like the food and gifts, etc. And to have the rest in the backyard. We're going to set up a "haunted maze" which will just be a section of the yard cut off with a sheet running down the middle on a clothes line. The kids walk down one side of it and then up the other side. Along the way Courtney and some of her friends will be here and there making it like a mild haunted house (these are little kids...nothing too scary....just fun). We'll have another area for bobbing for apples and another for other games. We plan to have lots of cornstalks, pumpkins and bales of hay.

So off we went to the store. We didn't get everything we needed before we ran out of money, but we got alot. We bought a fog machine for the haunted house and some creepy sounds cd's they had at marc's for $1.00 each (saved me the trouble of downloading and burning!). Courtney plans to be a spooky looking old woman standing there stirring her "soup" in a big pot. When the kids get closer she'll ask if they want to look in her pot and they'll see all kinds of nastiness in there. lol We got some spiders and rubber rats and centipedes and gummy eyeballs...yeah, all the yuckiness that kids love! haha We plan to have someone dress up like a scarecrow and be standing there then move and surprise the kids....stuff like that. So we got some paper lanterns with lights in them and different misc. stuff.

By the time we got home I thought I was getting a little more excited about everything and was more motivated. We came in and I pulled out the rubbermaid container with all of our fall decorations in it. Opened it. Walked away thinking "yeah, that's enough for today." lol I just can't get it in gear! Poor kids. They have so much fun with that stuff and I used to be so good at decorating for all the holidays and stuff...but not anymore. I'm getting to be a lazy old woman who doesn't want to be bothered with it all.

It's gonna be awesome though. :) And I'm excited that Maribel and kids are coming up for the party...and maybe Soapie too! What an awesome weekend! Any of you who think they can make it to Cleveland the week of the 20th are welcome to come party and hang out for girls weekend! :)

Ok, I'm tired. I've been out of my pajamas for too long....
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