Oh how my kids crack me up! lol Especially Amelia. She has to be the most naturally funny kid I've ever seen...even when she's trying to be totally serious! Like in the picture below. Scott wanted to take her picture in my wig and she wanted to act cranky and pretend she wasn't enjoying it, so she balled her fists up and tried to put on her "mean face". ROFLMBO!!! NOT! She looks hillarious to me!
Then there's Maddie..the preteen that doesn't want to be bothered with such retardedness...

I felt like crap tonight so I let Courtney take the girls trick-or-treating. She loved it...freedom without mom! (she's been grounded forever! lol) But I layed here feeling guilty for an hour-and-a-half. It's the first time I haven't gone since Courtney was born. But that's was much harder on me than on them. They could've cared less! lol They got their candy, that's all that mattered to them. they all looked cute though...I'll put a pic below this. Courtney's excited because she finally gets her braces off November 26th...after three long years! lol Hope you all had a good day!