Hellllo Loverrrr

Tonight was the best night of my life! (For the past four or so years anyways) I know some of you will read this and think I'm the biggest emotional sap you've ever heard and actually I'm ok with that. This evening I went to the Sex and the City movie premier---and I loved every part of it! Loved isn't a strong enough word, seriously. I'm aware that this can come off as extremely bizarre, but I'm going with it--this show is a part of me.
I've had an alarm set in my phone for MONTHS to count down the days until the movie opened and when the day was finally here, I was thrilled to be able to go. As I sat in the dimly lit theatre, my eyes began to well up with tears as I watched group after group after group of girlfriends come piling into the theatre. For some sappy reason, this really touched me. This show really does bring women together. No matter what your stances and viewpoints are, there's a character for you and it also shows how even women who are totally different can still love each other.
So anyways, as the women all settled into their seats, the lights went down and then right there before my very eyes--larger than life, in fact--were my girls. It's almost embarrassing to say that I started crying when I saw the characters one by one on the screen. Tonight I figured out why though. It's because I've never been blessed with any of those girlfriend relationships around here--mine are all at least four hours away. So for all of the years that I sat home alone, THESE girls were my girlfriends. I wasn't able to go to brunch every Saturday morning and girl talk with MY friends, so I went along with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. We girl talked about everything from careers, money and fashion to men and sex. I got to know each one of them intimately and grew to love them no matter how different they were from me. And I missed them. I missed my friends so much. That's exactly what this was like for me tonight--a great big reunion with my girlfriends that I haven't been able to spend time with for four years...and it was SOOO SWEET. :)
Trust me when I say that there is so much that I want to say about the movie, but WON'T because I don't want to spoil it for people. What I will say though, is that it was wonderful. Things happened that I NEVER EVER EVER expected and other things were the same as always--which was nice. The only glitch was when the movie actually MELTED inside the projector right before the end of the movie. YEAH!!! Because of that, I missed a few VERY IMPORTANT moments, but that's ok--they gave us free tickets to make up for it. They had to do something after all--Hell hath no fury like a woman who's Sex and the City movie just melted before her eyes right at a pertinent part of the film!!! All in all, I ADAMANTLY say that ANYONE with a vagina needs to see this movie IMMEDIATELY!!!! Run, don't walk! Seriously! What are you still doing here? Go! Go Now! You could've been there already, sheesh!

You have arrived

I'd like you to meet the newest member of our family... our Magellan Maestro GPS system. We lovingly refer to her as "Maggie". :)
I don't know what took me so long to buy one of these things! THEY ARE AWESOME!!! And not that expensive either! I mistakenly always thought that you had to pay a monthly fee for this kind of stuff too, which is NOT true. I figured with us moving away to somewhere that none of us will know where the heck we're going, this will be a lifesaver.
Amelia likes that when you get to where you're going, Maggie politely says, "You have arrived." :) Tonight when we pulled into our driveway and she heard that, Emma said, "That was so nice of her! How did she know we were home?" lol So cute. I really do think this is my favorite and best investment in a long time though. I'm thinking everyone should have one!


Questions, questions, always more questions!

The night that I have been dreading--the LOST season finale--has now come and gone. I've been dreading the finale because I love, love, love this show! And although it was nice to get some long-awaited answers (like WHO is in the coffin...and HELLO! I GUESSED IT WAS LOCKE!!! woohoo for me!), what else do you think happened??? Oh yeah honey--MORE FREAKIN' QUESTIONS !!! Like WHY are they calling him “Jeremy Bentham"? WHY is he not on the island? WHY are they all hating him so much? WHY is Sun trying to link up with the bad guy now? WHY is Benjamin hiding in the freaking funeral parlor? WHAT happened to Jack that he looks like a vagabond now? HOW did Jin get off the island--AND not know who he is or that he is supposed to be married to Sun? WHAT "very bad things" happened on the island after the 6 left, and WHY is Locke blaming it on Jack? WHY would Locke go see Walt? WHAT did Kate go do that Sawyer asked her to do? Why in the world do they have to all go back to the island TOGETHER, including LOCKE'S BODY? And I STILL don't know why there were stinkin' polar bears on that tropical island and last but not least, WHY are they making Sayid wear that ridiculous flat-ironed hair?

Remembering Maria

The other day I blogged about the devastating tragedy that has befallen the Chapman family when their 5-year-old daughter Maria was struck and killed in the family's driveway. Tonight I went to check on them because they've been on my mind and heart so heaavily and found a blog that they had set up. You might want to check it out and leave your condolences.
On the blog, they had a video that Maria had made with her daddy just two months ago one night during one of their chore times. It was Maria and Daddy's turn to do the dishes so they made a video about it (and wouldn't it be so cool to have him not only in your family, but as your dad?). Here it is. I hope it touches your heart and that you remember to whisper a little prayer for the grieving Chapman family.


Maddie quote of the day

"Did you know that Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines??? Anniversaries must have been a problem!"


I Love You More Than Pork Chops

Has everyone seen our new family blog yet? It's a very cute, only light-hearted stuff allowed type of page. Give it a peek every once in a while to see what happy things are happening around our home. :)

Stimulating someone else's economy

I am SOOOO mad right now! Being the cosmic flystrip that I am, I don't know WHY I ever expected anything to go smoothly--not even the money that the government promised was mine as a reward for just being a productive citizen. I've been waiting patiently (most of the time) for this stupid stimulus check to arrive in my bank account--only to see it never show up.

I realized shortly thereafter that because I had used turbo tax to do my taxes (and had them take the fees out of my refund), that I would have to wait for a paper check instead. OK, WHATEVER. Still waiting a little less patiently. So last week we get a letter from the government that says that because of Scott's disability, he didn't make enough to qualify for any, so it would just be $1800 for the kids and I. Fine, whatever. I understand. The check was supposed to be mailed on Friday and I figured it would be here today ( I was BANKING on it being here today as we are out of groceries and have NO gas in the tank). Yep, you guessed it---no check. But that's not even the bad part. The bad part is that instead of the check, we get a letter from the IRS saying that when setting up the stimulus packages, congress decided not to honor the injured spouse forms filed by millions of hard working Americans who are not responsible for their spouses past debts (such as student loans, taxes or CHILD SUPPORT). They decided instead, to just split every incentive check right down the middle if you're married--EVEN IF THEY SENT YOU A LETTER LAST WEEK STATING THAT YOUR SPOUSE IS A NON-WORKING MOOCH AND DOESN'T QUALIFY FOR ANY INCENTIVE!!!

That's right! The government is sending $900 of MY $1800 TO Manteo, NC to pay some of Scott's past child support. They aren't even splitting it up between the three kids, just sending it ALL to the kid who is constantly setting his myspace status to things like, "I'm so stoned." "I'm so wasted." "I just got so high" "Dude, I'm so drunk!". Yeah, it's going to stimulate HIS economy. Of course, it's not the kids fault--it's my husband's fault. I'm very aware of this. But it BURNS MY BUTT SOOOOOO BAD that I go to college and work to support my kids and they don't even get what's coming to them. I'M PISSED. I called the IRS to tell them to fix it and heard, "I'm sorry ma'am, there's nothing we can do. This is the way congress set it up." So I think I'm going to be looking up my congressman next, and he's going to get an earful!

The only thing this news stimulated was the cork popping out of my jug and me exploding all over my husband to GET A JOB!!! I ranted and raved for a little bit saying all of the things that I always feel too nice to say, but really mean. In typical Scott fashion, he walked away from me waving his arms in the air and telling me to shut up....and then went to lay on the couch some more. WHAT A SURPRISE! I am so fed up with this man and with this "marriage" (it's in quotes because it's never been anything close to an actual marriage) that I just wish I had a sign to hold up saying, "I QUIT!"


Blog Mom

I just found this blog over at Mrs. Fussypants and loved it--thought I wouldshare. :)

Label, label, who's got a label?
I keeping seeing labels. They're everywhere... peeking out at me from around the corner... tip-toing up behind me to tap me on the shoulder... snuggled in my closet... hiding under the bed... leaping off of buildings and into my car...

Oh she is TOTALLY a Gapmom.
And her? She's a beta mom.
Stay away from those alpha moms, they're SCARY.
Tell me I'm not an uber mom! Oh no, you're totally a slacker mom.
Hippy moms and Martyr moms and Slacker-hippy moms... oh MY!
But some of us are having issues with these here labels.
What about me?! We cry out, Where do I fit?!
So you're probably thinking that this is the point where I climb up on my marble pedestal and eloquently tell you that my label maker is broken this week. But no, I'm much more shallow than that. (and anyhow, it's already been said better than I could say it!)
I am, in fact, here today to tell you about MY label.

The end-all, be-all fantastically delightful label that I'm sure I invented because really no one could have thought of it before me...
I am a Blog Mom.
Stick with me for a second while I explain...
I meet up with a lot of moms in my days. And they really do run the gamut of types.
There's the shy ones, the nice ones, the wealthy ones, the green ones, the ones who wear shirts that say "Juicy" stretched tight across their unusually perky bosoms (seriously), the ones who drive minivans and the ones who drive Priuses. (What's plural for Prius? Prius's? Priuses? Pri-i?)

There's the ones who are obsessed with their kids and the ones who are obsessed with their figures and the ones who really don't care about much anymore. There's funny ones, mean ones, tall ones, short ones, moms on bikes and moms in tights and moms wearing tennies and the ones that wear heels... stay-at-home moms and work-at-home moms and working moms and moms who've lost their minds (is there such a thing as a mom who hasn't lost her mind?)...
But there's only one type of lady that I KNOW I'll like from the get-go.
She's the Blog Mom.
She may be funny or nice or mean or ugly or skinny or fashionable or very much NOT...
But she definitely IS...
interesting, unusual with DEPTH and great passion...
She is with-it. She has her own identity. She is supportive and unabashed and courageous and bold. She knows about Wordpress and trackbacks and why you should comment... (or maybe she doesn't but she at least knows they're things)... and she wants to go to BlogHer, or maybe she already did or maybe she doesn't but she's heard of it at LEAST.
She is the Blog mom.
You are the Blog Mom.
I am the Blog Mom.
goo goo g'joob
Jenny is a an award-winning TV-watcher, peanut-butter-from-the-jar eater and chore-avoider who usually can be found blogging at Absolutely Bananas and Seattle Mom Blogs.

Ok, ok, so she actually didn't win awards for any of those things. But she should have. She definitely should have.

Things I love about my husband

  1. He looks good in blue.
  2. He is SO patient with me. Things that I would snap at him for, he just lets go by.
  3. Even if it's something that I wouldn't make, he is always willing to cook for our family.
  4. He always offers to bring me something to drink.
  5. He gives great backrubs, footrubs, neckrubs.


Catch-up blog

I've been meaning to blog all week long. Not really because there's all that much going on, but because sometimes I have so many things bouncing around inside the walls of my mind that to actually set them out like a fragile creation for the whole world to see--and possibly judge--well, that's a little difficult for me. I've never been one to have much difficulty sharing myself with the world, but I'm only capable of doing that after I have processed it, slept with it, tasted it, mulled it over a thousand times and know exactly what I think about it. I'm not exactly sure that I'm at that place just yet, so I'm trying something new. I'm trying to share little vulnerable bits of me and the struggles I am having and the path that I am currently on before I've had a chance to over-analyze ever nook and cranny of it.
Lately I've been thinking about moving away. I've been thinking it for many years actually--planning to be moved away by the time the evil one gets out of prison, but now I'm seriously beginning to consider it. It's only three years away and I'm thinking since my mortgage company is hell-bent on stealing my home, I might as well just give it to them and make the move now. This might seem easy, but it's actually one of the most heart-wrenching decisions I've ever had to make. Just typing this is bringing me to tears. There are so many reasons for this that I'm going to try to explain a few but have a feeling that it will only turn out to be confusing for everyone reading.
First of all, this is my home. My HOME. I was born here, I've raised my babies here, I've laughed, loved, cried and mourned here. I know the streets by heart. I know the sounds and the smells. I know the smell of the beach, I know that right about this time every year the "May Flies" start rolling in off the water. I know the seasons. This is all so important because I'm a person who jokingly says, "I fear change"--but it's no joke. I feel like my insides are being ripped out. I am SO AFRAID of moving to an unknown area and starting over. Doing that to my kids, uprooting my life, new job, new home, new stores, new church, etc. MAJOR LIFE UPHEAVAL.
Okay, that's part one. Part two is that I feel like I have to act as if I'm going into the witness protection program. The whole reason that I'm moving in the first place is so that I will be long gone before the evil one gets out of prison...this means that not many people here can know where I'm going. I can only think of a few that I will trust enough to share where I will be. If he finds out where we are, he's the kind who will come and try to invade our lives like a virus. He will try to "win" me back (which means stalking and probably abusing me into submission) and/or kidnap my girls. To protect us, this means I have to cut ties with A LOT of people that I love. They just won't be able to know.
In my mind this was a distant "someday we will move" and all of a sudden it is upon me. It looks like it will be within the next few months...and that is freaking me out more than just a little. Because of all this, I've taken myself right back out of my childhood church (that I had just began attending again). His parents still attend that church and I know people would sell me out without even thinking--not necessarily on purpose, but why put them in a position where they have to even think about it. They shouldn't have to live in fear of his stupidity. So I am having to just retrace my steps and back out of the situation without many goodbyes. That is stressing me out and making me feel guilty. I hope if they ever learn the truth as to why I'm not there that they will understand and not take it personally, because I truly love each and every one of them. I keep thinking that I'm going to have to leave without even saying goodbye to Joleen (who is one of my oldest and most beloved of friends) because she is his niece and although she claims her loyalty is with me, she has "accidentally" exposed every secret I've had to her family.
I hate feeling like my life is a huge covert operation now and that this is turning into a CIA mission.
So that's the first part of what's going on in my mind lately. The second part is whether or not to take my husband with me. Yeah--that's a doozie to say out loud. If he by (very rare) chance happens to read this, I know it will hurt his feelings (because it would mine), but that isn't my purpose. I have to preface this by saying that I love him. And by "him" I mean the man that I married and that occassionally shows his face around here--not the confused, never properly-medicated, high-maintenance, unaffectionate, lump that has taken up residence on my sofa. That guy is the one that I'm considering leaving behind. The dilemma is deciding if I should or shouldn't. That has sent me into a whole other existencial crisis.
This week the "good Scott" came back. Actually, it was a little longer than a week. Full-force wonderful husband in the house. He was the friendly, good-natured, affectionate, energetic (but not manic) nice guy that I love so much. He helped around the house (without being asked), he made dinner, he waited up for me after work so that he could give me some L-O-N-G overdue affection...he has just been perfect. It's those moments that leave me as crushed as anything else because as wonderful as they are, I've ridden this bipolar roller-coaster long enough to know that it's only a matter of time before the other shoe drops. All week long I would tell people what a good week were having, and would always sum it up with, "I just hope this isn't the calm before the storm as it usually is." Just yesterday, I had actually started to believe that this just might be the real deal. Maybe this is finally the correct combination of medications and he is going to be back to the husband I love! Unfortunately, I then came home from work to find him withdrawn and sleeping on the couch--where he stayed all day today, sulking, depressed and ignoring me. I even reached the point where I asked him if he was mad at me for something, to which he replied that he wasn't, the just felt "sluggish" today....which in Scott terms means, "here comes the rain." What pisses me off is that when HIS rain comes, it means that MY world has to rain too. We are ONE. In ONE world.
The realization that it wasn't the right meds, it was just another ride on the never-ending roller coaster that has me doubting my whole world. As I was thinking about this, I saw something on tv that reminded me of a "vision board" that I had made a year or so ago. I had bought a piece of poster board and glued clippings from magazines and things that I had been collecting all over it that exemplified what I wanted my "vision" for my life to be. What do I want? Where do I want to be?
I used to have the board hanging on my bedroom wall and would look at it every single day and be re-inspired to stay on the course to getting what I wanted and needed in life. Over time and the horrible events that happened in my marriage last year, I because so discouraged that I took it down. I knew in my spirit that as long as I was married to Scott, I would never reach any of those goals. That's just the reality. As long as I am living in a home with and married to a bipolar person who cycles so randomly, there's no way I will have peace, etc. So for the past several months I have had it hanging inside of my closet in the office. I glance at it every now and again, but nothing regular.
Tonight as I was watching this show on tv, and the counselor had both husband and wife make their own vision boards and then they compared them. They were totally different--just as I'm SURE Scotts and mine would be. The counselor told them to do some serious soul-searching because unless a couple share a similar vision and have similar goals in life, then they aren't going to be anything but unhappy and unsuccessful as a couple. That hit really close to home.
To be honest, I have trouble thinking about leaving him because for one: I promised him my loyalty. But does that mean loyalty when he is abandoning every single ounce of his responsibility as a husband? I think loyalty in return for loyalty should be more like it. The second thing is: I am NOT and have never been a quitter....but I don't feel like I am quitting him. I jut feel like I've reached the end of the course and there's nothing else to do. Even the JUDGE told me he couldn't believed I've stood by his side. I have stood by, waited, put up with, helped with, encouraged, given ALL of myself and my resources...there's just nothing left to do. If he is not willing to get up and perform his manly duties--such as get a JOB, be the spiritual leader of his home, pray for and with his family, treat his wife right, etc....what else is there left for me to do?
I know this is all a bit of a big mess, but I warned you! This is the stuff going on in my brain all the time. It's not sorted out yet. I don't know what's going to happen. I do know that I have to start this process of moving--so if you're one of my "inside" people that know where I'll be going--please don't share with anyone where I'll be going. It's better for all of us. And know that I love you and I appreciate all of your prayers while this gets sorted out. I know I'm supposed to pray for God's will, but I can pray that if it isn't AGAINST his will for Scott's meds to start working appropriately and keep him even-keeled so that I can have my wonderful husband back. I miss him. And having him back for this week made me miss him even more.
I really pray that if my husband reads this that his feelings aren't too hurt. It's reality and I'm sure he's familiar with my tendency to think out loud. For the record, I AM taking him with me. lol I love him and as long as he is putting one foot in front of the other and moving in the right direction (even if it's too slow for my liking), I will stand by him no matter what.



I just saw on the news that the five-year-old daughter of Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman was killed in the family’s driveway tonight. Her name is Maria and the news said that she was accidentally run over by their 17-year-old son who was in the family’s SUV and didn’t see her. This is so sad and tragic. You know that they are hurting so bad right now and that the boy is probably beating himself up so badly.

Please pray for grace and peace for this family. I wonder if the words to his beautiful songs will haunt him or comfort him right now. I hope they comfort him--especially "With Hope".

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Where my girls at?

This past weekend I went to Dayton to hang with my girls. It was a super-busy time as we had lots of things planned, but it was fabulous (as always). There were a few things that I wish I had been able to do (like visit Megan and the baby), but I have to say...it was a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

Allison (Soapie), Shawnda (Pewie), Rachel (The Dach), my new friend Heather and even our adopted mascot for the evening "Don Pablo" made this a memorable time. New experiences, lots of food, a few tears and tons of laughter left me so grateful for the wonderful friends in my life. I love you girls! Here are some pics from the weekend.


Emma quote of the day

"Wonderful! At least we know that the kitten doesn't have breast cancer!"
(After being taught last week by the doctor that all girls/women need to have their chests felt for lumps, she decided that applied to all girl/women cats too and did an exam today. lol)


Weird Google searches

Lately as I'm checking the stats for my blog, I've become rather amused by the really strange Google searches that lead some people to my page. Some of them are kind of funny and some of them are pretty strange. I've decided to start sharing them because I figure some of you may get a kick out of them too.

  • "Chirping bird sounds like 'get er done' " (What- the- heck???)
  • "enema" (ummm, what?)
  • "tresor sucks" (no, you suck! It's my favorite!)


"David Cook wins the night!"

Oh he's so yummy. I think he's getting a cold cause he had a few pitch problems here and there. His throat sounds hoarse--but he still did awesome! :) And at the end, always the negative party pooper Simon proclaimed, "David Cook wins the night!" Yay him! :) *sigh*


Blogging to my butt (and to Allison)

I know that sometimes after moving your blog to another site it can take a little time to have some of your faithful followers find you or get used to the new address, but COME ON! lol Lately, aside for my faithful friend Allison commenting on every blog and the occassional comments from Shawnda and Heather (thanks girls! Love ya!), the lack of comments have had me feeling like I'm just sitting here bloggin' to my butt!

The problem with this is that I can see (don't ask how--I just can!) that there are people reading! Blah! Why all the lurking? Lurking definitely has it's time and place, but cut a sister a break man! Say SOMETHING!


Catch-up blog

What's up yo? I go back to work tomorrow and am not looking forward to it (am I ever? lol), which makes me feel like the most spoiled girl on the whole face of the earth because seriously--I have a freakin' sweet job. I wish that I was allowed to keep my full-time paycheck while still working these part-time hours, but I still can't complain. My job (compared to normal nursing jobs) is nearly stress-free and I have A LOT of autonomy. I get to roam all over the hospital instead of being stuck in one little hole for the whole shift and I get to see a ton of different people. I also get to decide when I want to take my luch AND (this is ever so rare in nursing...) when I get to use the bathroom. I know right? Doesn't matter, I still don't want to go. Have I mentioned that I'm lazy? :)

Ok, so I'm not sure if I have ten whole things to catch y'all up on, but I'll see how it goes.

1. I'm completely (literally) broke because my husband was pouting like a baby that his birthday "didn't feel special" because I had to do a little thing called WORK. So to shut him up (and more importantly to shut up the craving in my belly!), we went out to eat the other night at the Olive Garden. Tonight was part 2 of his birthday gift and we went to the movies to see Iron Man. Anyone who knows me knows that I would usually rather stick an ice pick in my ear than sit through a "guy movie", but this was actually really good. That and the fact that most of the movie I was lost in all of the Robert-Downey-Jr.-ness of it all.

2. As stated above, RDJ had me at hello. I believe it has a HUGE amount to do with the fact that he reminds me so much of a certain past someone and I kind of get lost in that for a little while. It's the wit. His wit and quick tongue are fabulous and I soooooo miss being around that all the time. I wish my husband had a good sense of humor and quick wit--he'd have to fight me off of himself with a bat! lol

3. We took Daphne to get spayed today. She did well and still drunk as a skunk bless her heart. The vet said, "Imagine if you just had 8 or 9 martinis--that's about how she feel right now. She'll probably slur her meows and say things she doesn't mean...but let her sleep if off and she'll be better tomorrow." lol I asked if I should keep my phone away from her so she doesn't drunk dial.

4. My parents are here. That's a mixed blessing. First of all, they offered to bring Darren home (four hour drive) after hearing that I was planning to rent a car to come and get him (our van is getting some high mileage and I'd rather have a newer car to drive that far in). That was such an awesome gift from them! I could never convey to them how much I appreciate things like that because: A) As mentioned previously, I'm lazy. B) I hate to drive that far on my only day off. C) I REALLY hate driving through those mountains. HATE, HATE, HATE. My Grandma H. used to call them "kiss-me-ass curves" because by the time you got around the curve, you were bent so tight you could kiss your own ass. lol
Having said all that, having someone in my space gives me anxiety. I feel guilty that my house isn't as clean as they used to have it, and that I like to watch whole marathons of Jon & Kate plus 8 instead of letting my dad watch westerns. They're really no bother to have here, these are purely my issues.

5. I heard from the spawn of satan mortgage company aka Countrywide. I really feel sorry for them because as wrong as they have done me, I know they have had to do wrong like this to others and they have some nasty karma coming their way! They called to tell me that my modification had been turned down because now they have decided that they want $4500.00 down towards the new agreement or the deal is off. I asked what happened to the $2000.00 plus I had already sent them and they said that none of that counted and it had all been applied other places (attorney fees, escrow, etc.). Sooo, they have basically stolen my money (again) and are blackmailing me with foreclosure if I don't come up with $4500.00 more. I am so THROUGH with this situation! I'm so frustrated. Actually, it's moving towards the acceptance phase and I'm tired of fighting. I'm ready to just throw my hands up and tell them to take it.

6. Things at home have been really good. Calm, sweet, good.

7. I had a nice Mother's Day. Maddie and Amelia made me breakfast in bed (toast with peanut butter and jelly on it, a bowl of Cap'n Crunch and a cup of caramel coffee). It was so sweet. :) Amelia has been busting at the seams for days to give me the gift she made me and finally got to do so today. It was a framed picture of her with a poem over top of it. She was SO PROUD. :) The poem was so cute and she personalized it for me, although after reading it I had to wonder if that's the legacy I really want to leave. LOL It said:

I just think it's so cute, but I was thinking--it sure doesn't say "cooks dinner every day mom" or taught me how to support charities mom. LOL Oh well, she has me pegged anyways. Truth is truth.Courtney and Darren never made it over to spend time with me like they were supposed to, but Courtney found someone to drive her over long enough to give me a card and some roses she had bought me, which was sweet. Her new boyfriend Stefan called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day too, which scored a few points.
8. We spent the day answering the phone only to find no one there. To our embarrassment, we finally realized during the aforementioned Jon & Kate plus 8 marathon that they have the same phone as us with the same ringer. LOL
9. I'm eagerly awaiting the government to stimulate my economy with a direct deposit that is supposed to be showing up in my bank account this week. Come on Dub-ya! Momma needs a new pair of shoes! More like once Countrywide is done with me I'll need a roof over our heads!
10. My new blog is no longer away from the prying eyes of my children. At least one of them anyways. Courtney googled her cousin Corey who had shot himself and my lovely blog popped up. Nice. *sigh* Can't blame a girl for trying.

Salt of the earth

Tonight as I was doling out Happy Mothers Day myspace comments, I realized just how many women I love that are non-moms. I'm never quite sure how to handle that because in my opinion, in the heart of every woman beats the heart of a mother. Just as Nightingale thought that every woman would be a nurse at some point in her life whether she was educated to be or not (and who said that Theory course won't teach me something? Oh yeah, it was me. lol) because every woman is a nurturer and a caretaker, I believe that every woman has the heart of a mother. Even if that woman never has a desire for children of her own, that doesn't mean that she doesn't love someone's child--such as a niece or a nephew.
Anyways, my point is that I always want to send EVERY woman I know a Mother's Day card because it's the right thing to do. Unfortunately, it's also a thing that can be very misundertood and I would rather fall down dead than hurt someone's feelings on purpose. So to all of you mothers out there (and non-mother-mothers if you don't mind!)....
From the bottom of my heart!
If it weren't for the women on this earth, nothing would ever evolve grow or change. We would not be the civilization or people that we know today. Women taking care of women--that's what it's all about. Salt of the earth.


P.S. I Love You

Tonight I rented the movie "P.S. I Love You" from on-demand. I've been wanting to see it since it came out (partially because that's the title of one of my favorite songs and partially because it looked good and had a great cast), and tonight I finally got to see it. This was one of the best movies I have seen in years! Let me forewarn anyone who might want to see it though---it is a HUGE tear-jerker. If you don't feel up to an emotional cry-fest, steer clear until you are ready.
I cried from almost the beginning through to the end. It was really awesome and even surprised me towards the end. I'm not at all easy to surprise when it comes to this kind of stuff. Everything seems so predictable, and they managed to throw me a curveball. And I am so glad they did! It was during a part that I was yelling, "NO! NO! THIS IS SO NOT THE RIGHT DECISION!"...and they stopped and said exactly what I was thinking and went a different direction with the story! YAY THEM!

Seriously this was a really creative, emotional and well-written movie and Hillary Swank was awesome in it--although she looks like a really bad kisser. But I wouldn't have to worry about that anyways, so who cares. :) I give it two thumbs up! Has anyone else seen it?



I, Veronica, SLEPT LIKE A BABY LAST NIGHT! For TEN hours straight! I was asleep by 2am and slept until NOON! WOOHOO! And it was GOOD sleep too! After not sleeping in so long, this is almost better than sex! :)


Insomnia no. 4829073

As much grief as Rita is giving herself about not being able to quit smoking cold turkey, I'm giving myself that much grief about not being able to sleep at night. I get it. I have been laying there for HOURS and nothing. nada. zip.

Today is now officially Scott's birthday and I wanted so bad to get up with him bright and early, go to his doctors appointment with him and then maybe grab some lunch together before I had to head for work. I also looked at this as my golden opportunity to get the sleeping thing on schedule. I figured I'd have good incentive to go to bed early and also get up early, and that would set me on a straight path to sleepy nocturnal redemption. NOT.

I went to bed shortly after 1:30 (for me that's like NOON) and proceeded to lay there until 4 am when the worlds most annoying cat decided to ruin my carpet some more by clawing at it to try and get under my bedroom door. I finally got so mad at her that I flung the door open and smacked her butt, which only seemed to catapult her INTO my room instead of away from. After chasing her butt around my bedroom in the dark for what seemed like EVER and successfully waking up my husband, I finally caught her and shut her tail in the bathroom. She is now successfully pissing me off by clawing at the door and banging against it hoping it will open.
What the heck was I thinking by getting a cat? Seriously! When am I going to learn that I am NOT cut out for pets? I have no patience or tolerance for this crap! I've had four children and can hardly stand them sometimes! This is like taking on a whole other child! I am my own worst enemy--I never learn! Cats, men...doesn't matter. I always think it will turn out different next time. I'm too much of a nurturer for my own good. I think my problem is that I'm a situation-specific nurturer. I'm one of those it sounds good at the time but now I'm totally over it and don't want to do this anymore type of nurturers...and that kind of sucks. No, that totally sucks.

So here I am at 4:41 in the morning beating myself up about being so abnormal that I can't even sleep like a normal person. Isn't that the very first, most fundamental thing that we do in life? Eat, sleep and go to the bathroom. I guess that Meatloaf song about "two outta three ain't bad" should be my life's theme song. Somebody please feel sorry for me. Thanks.


Its off to work I go

Another week, more work to go to. Fun, fun, fun. :) I actually like my job, but who wants to go to work when there are so many things to do here! Things like read blogs, look at graphics, play scrabble--I mean come on! The government should reward those that they see have superior talents--for surfing the web that is! :) A girl can dream can't she?


Now accepting applications!

No that my new blog sweet blog is all settled in and unpacked, I think it's time to meet some neighbors! I'm bummed because none of my comments transferred with my old posts and I'm hardly getting any new ones either. Aside from Allison and ....well, that's pretty much all...anyways, aside from Allison there's no one out there! I stand at the edge of my blog and I yell.... *ECHO....ECHO.....ECHO....*
I want to start networking and get some new life in here! Who knows how that's going to happen, but I'm goona be tryin'!


I am no longer amused. :-/

Ok, I am the FIRST person to say that I am not an animal person. I wish I was...but alas, I am not. It's kind of like the preference between camping, safari or posh hotel with room service. I know people who would prefer each one of those different things (FYI, I'm the hotel person).

Several weeks ago I finally relented to my tearful children and agreed to take in a stray cat that they had fallen in love with. She is a very good cat (overall) and after a good cleaning up she turned out to be a totally awesome pet--------until the new kitten came the other day. *sigh*

Thursday night Jelly came to live with us. Yes her name was supposed to be Daisy (or Velma because we already had Daphne...get it?), but her birth parents had named her "Jellybean" and leave it to my wonderful husband and my little traitor daughter to turn against me and go against "Daisy". They wanted "Jelly". My response to that was WTF? Seriously, what kind of a name is "Jelly"? My husband responded with, "What kind of a person names their cat 'Daphne'?" Oh yes he did! We ended up flipping a coin and unfortunately for us and the cat, they won. *another sigh* I've decided to rebel and just call her "J", Miss J if you're nasty.

Back to the subject, Daphne has been a total brat since the baby came into the house! I know she's adjusting, but she's just being a downright rude hostess. She hisses and growls anytime the kitten is near. I even caught her in the bathroom having backed the poor baby into a corner and was hissing like crazy. So like the good mom that I am, I've been trying to give each pet equal one-on-one time. I thought for a minute that Daphne was starting to adjust a little bit, but her behavior tonight tells me that she is N-O-T. She is so freakin' irritating! She is pouting like a big ol' baby and acting out like crazy. She does things she knows she shouldn't and then totally ignores me when I call her name. She started chewing at the electrical cords and trying to pull plugs out of the wall and so I booted her out of the bedroom. Her response to this was to start scratching and clawing at the carpet under the door to try and get back in. She actually frayed up a few places in the carpet and got to the mesh! I was so mad!

The kitten on the other hand has been very sweet, but has figured out how to climb things with her claws--including my legs and arms. No matter how many times I put her down, she climbs right back up and onto my neck--then around my shoulders and around. Over and over and over. My chest is totally clawed up. Her other fascination is with my typing fingers. She keeps pouncing on them. It's cute for about the first five minutes. By now I'm so over it.



I've been working for DAYS (and I mean a lot of hours for several days) to transfer all of my old blogs over to this site. Man was that a job! For those not in the know, I have had a few different sites and could never get "comfortable" anywhere. I finally decided that this is going to be my home--end of story. So then I had the task of rounding up my several years worth of blogs from the various places and bring them here. I have to admit that not all of them made it. Sadly, we had some casualties along the way. For example, anything too current to the moment like who got kicked off of Project Runway at the time...forget it! I'm not copying that crap! lol And a few that I really did like, but just had TOO MANY PICTURES! It seemed like a good idea at the time, but not when it came time to copy it all (because of course the pictures wouldn't copy and paste, I had to redownload them all!). So anyways, I think that whatever is making it over here has already made it--stick a fork in me cuz I'm DONE! PHEW!

As you can tell by the time of this post, my 1:00 bedtime didn't go so well tonight! lol

There's a man in my bed!

I haven't been able to say that for a long time! lol Scott has been feeling better and tonight when I came home from work he was actually in our bed sleeping. I know to the ordinary world this probably sounds stupid. lol But to me it's pretty significant. :)


Operation bedtime 1:00, day two

Last night, I have to say, went much better--thank you ambien! I didn't make it to bed by the 1:00 bedtime, but I was asleep by 3, which in my world is HUGE. Thank you, thank you (golf claps all around). Aside from getting the kids up for school, I slept like a log until 1:00 this afternoon! I needed the makeup sleep big time! Lets see what happens tonight. I'm going to try to keep getting closer and closer to 1:00 and then get up earlier and earlier in the day until...... I'M NORMAL! :) (If you can ever call me normal that is. lol)
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