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I just found this blog over at Mrs. Fussypants and loved it--thought I wouldshare. :)

Label, label, who's got a label?
I keeping seeing labels. They're everywhere... peeking out at me from around the corner... tip-toing up behind me to tap me on the shoulder... snuggled in my closet... hiding under the bed... leaping off of buildings and into my car...
Oh she is TOTALLY a Gapmom.
And her? She's a beta mom.
Stay away from those alpha moms, they're SCARY.
Tell me I'm not an uber mom! Oh no, you're totally a slacker mom.
Hippy moms and Martyr moms and Slacker-hippy moms... oh MY!
But some of us are having issues with these here labels.
What about me?! We cry out, Where do I fit?!
So you're probably thinking that this is the point where I climb up on my marble pedestal and eloquently tell you that my label maker is broken this week. But no, I'm much more shallow than that. (and anyhow, it's already been said better than I could say it!)
I am, in fact, here today to tell you about MY label.
The end-all, be-all fantastically delightful label that I'm sure I invented because really no one could have thought of it before me...
I am a Blog Mom.
Stick with me for a second while I explain...
I meet up with a lot of moms in my days. And they really do run the gamut of types.
There's the shy ones, the nice ones, the wealthy ones, the green ones, the ones who wear shirts that say "Juicy" stretched tight across their unusually perky bosoms (seriously), the ones who drive minivans and the ones who drive Priuses. (What's plural for Prius? Prius's? Priuses? Pri-i?)

There's the ones who are obsessed with their kids and the ones who are obsessed with their figures and the ones who really don't care about much anymore. There's funny ones, mean ones, tall ones, short ones, moms on bikes and moms in tights and moms wearing tennies and the ones that wear heels... stay-at-home moms and work-at-home moms and working moms and moms who've lost their minds (is there such a thing as a mom who hasn't lost her mind?)...
But there's only one type of lady that I KNOW I'll like from the get-go.
She's the Blog Mom.
She may be funny or nice or mean or ugly or skinny or fashionable or very much NOT...
But she definitely IS...
interesting, unusual with DEPTH and great passion...
She is with-it. She has her own identity. She is supportive and unabashed and courageous and bold. She knows about Wordpress and trackbacks and why you should comment... (or maybe she doesn't but she at least knows they're things)... and she wants to go to BlogHer, or maybe she already did or maybe she doesn't but she's heard of it at LEAST.
She is the Blog mom.
You are the Blog Mom.
I am the Blog Mom.
goo goo g'joob
Jenny is a an award-winning TV-watcher, peanut-butter-from-the-jar eater and chore-avoider who usually can be found blogging at Absolutely Bananas and Seattle Mom Blogs.

Ok, ok, so she actually didn't win awards for any of those things. But she should have. She definitely should have.


Allison said…
Yep. You are definitely a blog mom!!! And that's not quirky. LOL