Hellllo Loverrrr

Tonight was the best night of my life! (For the past four or so years anyways) I know some of you will read this and think I'm the biggest emotional sap you've ever heard and actually I'm ok with that. This evening I went to the Sex and the City movie premier---and I loved every part of it! Loved isn't a strong enough word, seriously. I'm aware that this can come off as extremely bizarre, but I'm going with it--this show is a part of me.
I've had an alarm set in my phone for MONTHS to count down the days until the movie opened and when the day was finally here, I was thrilled to be able to go. As I sat in the dimly lit theatre, my eyes began to well up with tears as I watched group after group after group of girlfriends come piling into the theatre. For some sappy reason, this really touched me. This show really does bring women together. No matter what your stances and viewpoints are, there's a character for you and it also shows how even women who are totally different can still love each other.
So anyways, as the women all settled into their seats, the lights went down and then right there before my very eyes--larger than life, in fact--were my girls. It's almost embarrassing to say that I started crying when I saw the characters one by one on the screen. Tonight I figured out why though. It's because I've never been blessed with any of those girlfriend relationships around here--mine are all at least four hours away. So for all of the years that I sat home alone, THESE girls were my girlfriends. I wasn't able to go to brunch every Saturday morning and girl talk with MY friends, so I went along with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. We girl talked about everything from careers, money and fashion to men and sex. I got to know each one of them intimately and grew to love them no matter how different they were from me. And I missed them. I missed my friends so much. That's exactly what this was like for me tonight--a great big reunion with my girlfriends that I haven't been able to spend time with for four years...and it was SOOO SWEET. :)
Trust me when I say that there is so much that I want to say about the movie, but WON'T because I don't want to spoil it for people. What I will say though, is that it was wonderful. Things happened that I NEVER EVER EVER expected and other things were the same as always--which was nice. The only glitch was when the movie actually MELTED inside the projector right before the end of the movie. YEAH!!! Because of that, I missed a few VERY IMPORTANT moments, but that's ok--they gave us free tickets to make up for it. They had to do something after all--Hell hath no fury like a woman who's Sex and the City movie just melted before her eyes right at a pertinent part of the film!!! All in all, I ADAMANTLY say that ANYONE with a vagina needs to see this movie IMMEDIATELY!!!! Run, don't walk! Seriously! What are you still doing here? Go! Go Now! You could've been there already, sheesh!


Allison said…
I'm so glad that you had a wonderful girls night out tonight!!! You've needed that!!!! And believe it or not, since you told me that I can actually see the movie even though I didn't watch the series and still understand what's going on, I think I'm gonna go see it!! Maybe even tonight..
Asianmommy said…
That's awesome! I can't wait to see this movie.
FanfXXXingtabulous Rita/wishing I was Samantha said…
I'm not a movie person, don't know why but hey I'm not. I heard all about the movie and know exactly what happens and doesn't happen. I love SATC and all the characters and I'm hoping theres a continuation of this one.