Stimulating someone else's economy

I am SOOOO mad right now! Being the cosmic flystrip that I am, I don't know WHY I ever expected anything to go smoothly--not even the money that the government promised was mine as a reward for just being a productive citizen. I've been waiting patiently (most of the time) for this stupid stimulus check to arrive in my bank account--only to see it never show up.

I realized shortly thereafter that because I had used turbo tax to do my taxes (and had them take the fees out of my refund), that I would have to wait for a paper check instead. OK, WHATEVER. Still waiting a little less patiently. So last week we get a letter from the government that says that because of Scott's disability, he didn't make enough to qualify for any, so it would just be $1800 for the kids and I. Fine, whatever. I understand. The check was supposed to be mailed on Friday and I figured it would be here today ( I was BANKING on it being here today as we are out of groceries and have NO gas in the tank). Yep, you guessed it---no check. But that's not even the bad part. The bad part is that instead of the check, we get a letter from the IRS saying that when setting up the stimulus packages, congress decided not to honor the injured spouse forms filed by millions of hard working Americans who are not responsible for their spouses past debts (such as student loans, taxes or CHILD SUPPORT). They decided instead, to just split every incentive check right down the middle if you're married--EVEN IF THEY SENT YOU A LETTER LAST WEEK STATING THAT YOUR SPOUSE IS A NON-WORKING MOOCH AND DOESN'T QUALIFY FOR ANY INCENTIVE!!!

That's right! The government is sending $900 of MY $1800 TO Manteo, NC to pay some of Scott's past child support. They aren't even splitting it up between the three kids, just sending it ALL to the kid who is constantly setting his myspace status to things like, "I'm so stoned." "I'm so wasted." "I just got so high" "Dude, I'm so drunk!". Yeah, it's going to stimulate HIS economy. Of course, it's not the kids fault--it's my husband's fault. I'm very aware of this. But it BURNS MY BUTT SOOOOOO BAD that I go to college and work to support my kids and they don't even get what's coming to them. I'M PISSED. I called the IRS to tell them to fix it and heard, "I'm sorry ma'am, there's nothing we can do. This is the way congress set it up." So I think I'm going to be looking up my congressman next, and he's going to get an earful!

The only thing this news stimulated was the cork popping out of my jug and me exploding all over my husband to GET A JOB!!! I ranted and raved for a little bit saying all of the things that I always feel too nice to say, but really mean. In typical Scott fashion, he walked away from me waving his arms in the air and telling me to shut up....and then went to lay on the couch some more. WHAT A SURPRISE! I am so fed up with this man and with this "marriage" (it's in quotes because it's never been anything close to an actual marriage) that I just wish I had a sign to hold up saying, "I QUIT!"


oh my goodness!!! That is so frickin' annoying! I can't believe they're doing that to you! (side note, I have to wait to June 27th for my check to be mailed). Funny thing about these checks, I don't think they're going to make us spend it on retail stuff, most of us are so broke that we're going to have to use them for gas when it goes to $7 a gallon and for bills that keep piling up!! So much for stimulating the economy!
Allison said…
What the HECK????????
BritGal' Sarah said…
Wow that sucks totally Veronica, keep your chin up, life takes away with one hand and usually gives back with the other.
DJ's Mama said…
that is crap that the money that you were to get for your kids is going to go to help out his kid that like you said wont be using it for any good.. is there any way that you would be able to "ammend" your taxes and file separately and then you would be able to get it... freaking government they give you something and then take it away.. BULL CRAP