Operation bedtime 1:00, day two

Last night, I have to say, went much better--thank you ambien! I didn't make it to bed by the 1:00 bedtime, but I was asleep by 3, which in my world is HUGE. Thank you, thank you (golf claps all around). Aside from getting the kids up for school, I slept like a log until 1:00 this afternoon! I needed the makeup sleep big time! Lets see what happens tonight. I'm going to try to keep getting closer and closer to 1:00 and then get up earlier and earlier in the day until...... I'M NORMAL! :) (If you can ever call me normal that is. lol)


Good job!!! I'm praying for you!
Allison said…
You can do it!! We will work on this together!! Night owls united!!!