Salt of the earth

Tonight as I was doling out Happy Mothers Day myspace comments, I realized just how many women I love that are non-moms. I'm never quite sure how to handle that because in my opinion, in the heart of every woman beats the heart of a mother. Just as Nightingale thought that every woman would be a nurse at some point in her life whether she was educated to be or not (and who said that Theory course won't teach me something? Oh yeah, it was me. lol) because every woman is a nurturer and a caretaker, I believe that every woman has the heart of a mother. Even if that woman never has a desire for children of her own, that doesn't mean that she doesn't love someone's child--such as a niece or a nephew.
Anyways, my point is that I always want to send EVERY woman I know a Mother's Day card because it's the right thing to do. Unfortunately, it's also a thing that can be very misundertood and I would rather fall down dead than hurt someone's feelings on purpose. So to all of you mothers out there (and non-mother-mothers if you don't mind!)....
From the bottom of my heart!
If it weren't for the women on this earth, nothing would ever evolve grow or change. We would not be the civilization or people that we know today. Women taking care of women--that's what it's all about. Salt of the earth.


Allison said…
I love that video clip. I laugh evey time I watch it!! Too funny!!!

Happy Mama's Day to you!!!
Unknown said…
awe! Happy Mother's Day to you too! I love ya girl!!!

Love that clip! So funny!