Remembering Maria

The other day I blogged about the devastating tragedy that has befallen the Chapman family when their 5-year-old daughter Maria was struck and killed in the family's driveway. Tonight I went to check on them because they've been on my mind and heart so heaavily and found a blog that they had set up. You might want to check it out and leave your condolences.
On the blog, they had a video that Maria had made with her daddy just two months ago one night during one of their chore times. It was Maria and Daddy's turn to do the dishes so they made a video about it (and wouldn't it be so cool to have him not only in your family, but as your dad?). Here it is. I hope it touches your heart and that you remember to whisper a little prayer for the grieving Chapman family.


Allison said…
I saw that last week. So sweet!! And what a cutie she was!!! How fun it would be to have a dad who could make up silly songs like that and have fun together!!