Catch-up blog

What's up yo? I go back to work tomorrow and am not looking forward to it (am I ever? lol), which makes me feel like the most spoiled girl on the whole face of the earth because seriously--I have a freakin' sweet job. I wish that I was allowed to keep my full-time paycheck while still working these part-time hours, but I still can't complain. My job (compared to normal nursing jobs) is nearly stress-free and I have A LOT of autonomy. I get to roam all over the hospital instead of being stuck in one little hole for the whole shift and I get to see a ton of different people. I also get to decide when I want to take my luch AND (this is ever so rare in nursing...) when I get to use the bathroom. I know right? Doesn't matter, I still don't want to go. Have I mentioned that I'm lazy? :)

Ok, so I'm not sure if I have ten whole things to catch y'all up on, but I'll see how it goes.

1. I'm completely (literally) broke because my husband was pouting like a baby that his birthday "didn't feel special" because I had to do a little thing called WORK. So to shut him up (and more importantly to shut up the craving in my belly!), we went out to eat the other night at the Olive Garden. Tonight was part 2 of his birthday gift and we went to the movies to see Iron Man. Anyone who knows me knows that I would usually rather stick an ice pick in my ear than sit through a "guy movie", but this was actually really good. That and the fact that most of the movie I was lost in all of the Robert-Downey-Jr.-ness of it all.

2. As stated above, RDJ had me at hello. I believe it has a HUGE amount to do with the fact that he reminds me so much of a certain past someone and I kind of get lost in that for a little while. It's the wit. His wit and quick tongue are fabulous and I soooooo miss being around that all the time. I wish my husband had a good sense of humor and quick wit--he'd have to fight me off of himself with a bat! lol

3. We took Daphne to get spayed today. She did well and still drunk as a skunk bless her heart. The vet said, "Imagine if you just had 8 or 9 martinis--that's about how she feel right now. She'll probably slur her meows and say things she doesn't mean...but let her sleep if off and she'll be better tomorrow." lol I asked if I should keep my phone away from her so she doesn't drunk dial.

4. My parents are here. That's a mixed blessing. First of all, they offered to bring Darren home (four hour drive) after hearing that I was planning to rent a car to come and get him (our van is getting some high mileage and I'd rather have a newer car to drive that far in). That was such an awesome gift from them! I could never convey to them how much I appreciate things like that because: A) As mentioned previously, I'm lazy. B) I hate to drive that far on my only day off. C) I REALLY hate driving through those mountains. HATE, HATE, HATE. My Grandma H. used to call them "kiss-me-ass curves" because by the time you got around the curve, you were bent so tight you could kiss your own ass. lol
Having said all that, having someone in my space gives me anxiety. I feel guilty that my house isn't as clean as they used to have it, and that I like to watch whole marathons of Jon & Kate plus 8 instead of letting my dad watch westerns. They're really no bother to have here, these are purely my issues.

5. I heard from the spawn of satan mortgage company aka Countrywide. I really feel sorry for them because as wrong as they have done me, I know they have had to do wrong like this to others and they have some nasty karma coming their way! They called to tell me that my modification had been turned down because now they have decided that they want $4500.00 down towards the new agreement or the deal is off. I asked what happened to the $2000.00 plus I had already sent them and they said that none of that counted and it had all been applied other places (attorney fees, escrow, etc.). Sooo, they have basically stolen my money (again) and are blackmailing me with foreclosure if I don't come up with $4500.00 more. I am so THROUGH with this situation! I'm so frustrated. Actually, it's moving towards the acceptance phase and I'm tired of fighting. I'm ready to just throw my hands up and tell them to take it.

6. Things at home have been really good. Calm, sweet, good.

7. I had a nice Mother's Day. Maddie and Amelia made me breakfast in bed (toast with peanut butter and jelly on it, a bowl of Cap'n Crunch and a cup of caramel coffee). It was so sweet. :) Amelia has been busting at the seams for days to give me the gift she made me and finally got to do so today. It was a framed picture of her with a poem over top of it. She was SO PROUD. :) The poem was so cute and she personalized it for me, although after reading it I had to wonder if that's the legacy I really want to leave. LOL It said:

I just think it's so cute, but I was thinking--it sure doesn't say "cooks dinner every day mom" or taught me how to support charities mom. LOL Oh well, she has me pegged anyways. Truth is truth.Courtney and Darren never made it over to spend time with me like they were supposed to, but Courtney found someone to drive her over long enough to give me a card and some roses she had bought me, which was sweet. Her new boyfriend Stefan called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day too, which scored a few points.
8. We spent the day answering the phone only to find no one there. To our embarrassment, we finally realized during the aforementioned Jon & Kate plus 8 marathon that they have the same phone as us with the same ringer. LOL
9. I'm eagerly awaiting the government to stimulate my economy with a direct deposit that is supposed to be showing up in my bank account this week. Come on Dub-ya! Momma needs a new pair of shoes! More like once Countrywide is done with me I'll need a roof over our heads!
10. My new blog is no longer away from the prying eyes of my children. At least one of them anyways. Courtney googled her cousin Corey who had shot himself and my lovely blog popped up. Nice. *sigh* Can't blame a girl for trying.


Allison said…
I know what you mean about the work thing. I feel kinda guilty too not wanting to go to work because I have a great job!! I think it's mostly because I don't like getting up early. If I could come in at noon and only work til 5:00, now that would be PERFECT!!!

1. Yum! What did you have at Olive Garden? The Tour Of Italy??? =) Craving their breadsticks and salad right now!!!

2. *sigh*

3. A drunk dialing cat with slurring meows!! hahahahahahahaha!!

4. Your grandma is funny!! And I've been on those West Virginia curves too....and she ain't lying either!!

5. Countrywide ticks me OFF!!!

6. Yay!! *phew*

7. I love Emma's card. So cute. "Marshmellow Peeps Mom" is my favorite. And how sweet that Courtney bought you flowers. Oh, and yay for point for the new boyfriend (so, like when did he become officially boyfriend?)

8. Ok, now that's funny right there!!

9. Can't wait for my economy to be stimulated too!! Do you think I will get credit for having more animals in my home than the local zoo?? That must impress someone, apart from Bob Barker who use to make his daily plea to "keep your pets spayed and neutered"...

10. Bummer. Well, she should at least sign in and leave a comment so that you know when she's been there. It's only fair, Court!!!
VVVVeronica said…
Yep, tour of italy. lol you know me too well! :)
Thanks for the update! Wow do you have a lot going on!

I'm craving Olive Garden now

I've been the receipient of a drunk dialing cat who slurrs her meows and can't walk in a straight line! LOL

That is an excellent description of those roads. I hate hate hate them too!

I hate any lender out there!!! grrr!!!

I loved Emma's poem. So you like marshmellow peeps too! I love them! Weirdly enough, I didn't get any this year, what's wrong with me!

"stimulate the economy" my ass!!! Doesn't he know that most of us are going to use it to merely deal with bills and repairs and stuff... not to stimulating for the economy I suppose. Sure I'd have loved to have bought a new computer to replace my current dinasour, sure I'd love to have bought a keyboard so I could play music again, sure I'd love to go on vacation somewhere nice! But no, I have car repairs, student loans, and the usual pain in the butt bills everyone else does. *sigh*. I had to rant too!