I just saw on the news that the five-year-old daughter of Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman was killed in the family’s driveway tonight. Her name is Maria and the news said that she was accidentally run over by their 17-year-old son who was in the family’s SUV and didn’t see her. This is so sad and tragic. You know that they are hurting so bad right now and that the boy is probably beating himself up so badly.

Please pray for grace and peace for this family. I wonder if the words to his beautiful songs will haunt him or comfort him right now. I hope they comfort him--especially "With Hope".

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DJ's Mama said…
My friend just told me about this. I cannot imagine what he or the family is going through. I keep praying for them and trying not to cry here at work. People think that "stars" cannot get hurt like that, but yes they can.. they are people too.
Allison said…
Wow! What a beautiful song. Crying with hope. I pray that the message of the song that God put in Steven's heart when he wrote it will overwhelm him with God's peace and comfort. And hope.
I think I've been in a fog for the last couple of days. I cry for the Chapmans, for loss of a beautiful girl, for the unending soul clenching guilt of the son, for the wishes lost, for the anguishing pain they're feeling. My prayers are with the family and I hope that they know how much we care for them.