I am no longer amused. :-/

Ok, I am the FIRST person to say that I am not an animal person. I wish I was...but alas, I am not. It's kind of like the preference between camping, safari or posh hotel with room service. I know people who would prefer each one of those different things (FYI, I'm the hotel person).

Several weeks ago I finally relented to my tearful children and agreed to take in a stray cat that they had fallen in love with. She is a very good cat (overall) and after a good cleaning up she turned out to be a totally awesome pet--------until the new kitten came the other day. *sigh*

Thursday night Jelly came to live with us. Yes her name was supposed to be Daisy (or Velma because we already had Daphne...get it?), but her birth parents had named her "Jellybean" and leave it to my wonderful husband and my little traitor daughter to turn against me and go against "Daisy". They wanted "Jelly". My response to that was WTF? Seriously, what kind of a name is "Jelly"? My husband responded with, "What kind of a person names their cat 'Daphne'?" Oh yes he did! We ended up flipping a coin and unfortunately for us and the cat, they won. *another sigh* I've decided to rebel and just call her "J", Miss J if you're nasty.

Back to the subject, Daphne has been a total brat since the baby came into the house! I know she's adjusting, but she's just being a downright rude hostess. She hisses and growls anytime the kitten is near. I even caught her in the bathroom having backed the poor baby into a corner and was hissing like crazy. So like the good mom that I am, I've been trying to give each pet equal one-on-one time. I thought for a minute that Daphne was starting to adjust a little bit, but her behavior tonight tells me that she is N-O-T. She is so freakin' irritating! She is pouting like a big ol' baby and acting out like crazy. She does things she knows she shouldn't and then totally ignores me when I call her name. She started chewing at the electrical cords and trying to pull plugs out of the wall and so I booted her out of the bedroom. Her response to this was to start scratching and clawing at the carpet under the door to try and get back in. She actually frayed up a few places in the carpet and got to the mesh! I was so mad!

The kitten on the other hand has been very sweet, but has figured out how to climb things with her claws--including my legs and arms. No matter how many times I put her down, she climbs right back up and onto my neck--then around my shoulders and around. Over and over and over. My chest is totally clawed up. Her other fascination is with my typing fingers. She keeps pouncing on them. It's cute for about the first five minutes. By now I'm so over it.


Allison said…
LMBO!!! That's funny! I can say that because I have four of those furry critters and I very well remember their kitten days...as well as their jealous when a new one comes into the home days. Don't worry, they will adjust. Not so sure about you though. LOL!!!