According to the wishes of Tracy & Scott


The weekend started off with all my girls arriving Saturday evening from Dayton. It was so good to see everyone but we didn't have long before we had to run out for the rehearsal. What's funny (and you'll see later why) is that as we were walking up to the doors of the church Allison whispered to me "so does the pastor know your name now?" She was referring to the fact that I had been uncomfortable going with our associate pastor because there just seemed to be something "off" about him. He was very impersonal and could never remember my name. Even if he just saw me the day before, he would walk up and shake my hand and welcome me to the church and ask my name. He was never tuned in. So anyways, we had rehearsal and then us girls went to Cracker Barrel to go on carb overload... and it was GREAT! lol Then just Allison and I went to El Jarabe for some chimi cheesecake and got harrassed by the irritating waiter the whole time. He was nice enough, I just wanted to yell at him to go away! But the cheesecake was delicious and really bad for us...just what the doctor ordered! lol After that we picked Megan and Shawnda back up at the hotel and headed to my house to perform surgery on my dress. We did some minor slicing and dicing and nipping and tucking and it actually turned out fabulous! I was so much more pleased with it and at ease about the way it would look afterwards. And so everyone left at midnight and I went straight to bed since I had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to go decorate.

I tossed and turned all night...couldn't sleep much...and was awake between 6 and 6:30. We got up, started packing the van, drove to the hotel to get our bridal party and were out to the hall shortly after 8. All day long we had people coming in and out helping us. Let me say...I am so grateful for the massive amounts of help I was given that day. I HAVE THE BEST, BEST, BEST FRIENDS!!!!! I was thinking about all of the help that I received and was adding up all the free gifts given to us...catering, cake, video, photgraphy, bartending, alcohol, etc.... and am left simply awestruck at the goodness of hearts that surround me. I am so truly blessed.

So then I was back to my messy destroyed-by-the-wedding-week house and quickly showered so that my hairdresser could work her magic on me. My hair wasn't exactly what I had expected, but it was gorgeous none-the-less. I had vintage looking necklace and earrings from the 1928 collection and then bought some vintage looking hair combs to match them. As soon as my hair was done we were back on our way to the hall to get makeup and dressed. We were stuck in the coldest bathroom in all of northern Ohio (I'm willing to wager on that if there are any takers!). It was freezing. We spent the whole night praying we would not have to pee! At one point I broke down and couldn't take it anymore, went to the bathroom and changed my mind when I got in there...I just couldn't do it. It was SOOOO COLD!!!

The ceremony was beautiful. And I made it all the way to Scott up at the altar before I broke down sobbing...I think I did pretty darn good! But poor little Courtney was crying since we were in the bathroom and just couldn't shut it off! Bless her heart. She is her mothers daughter through and through. Everything went smoothly through the ceremony until the very end when the pastor was ready to pronounce us man and wife and he said..."According to Jesus Christ and the state of Ohio...and according to the wishes of Tracy and Scott..." DID YOU CATCH THAT? That's right...he called me Tracy! I just looked at him funny...and I think my look shook him up so bad that he immediately got really nervous and screwed up our last name. lol Scott turned around and corrected him and he fixed it...but we laughed all the way back to the receiving line! And when Allison handed me my flowers she said "here's your flowers Tracy". lol He later handed us the marriage license and said "don't worry...it says Veronica on there." And then got out of Dodge...I think he was just really embarrassed. lol And I know that things go wrong at every wedding and so I have to say that if that was the only thing that went wrong at my wedding....I'm pretty darned lucky! He's just lucky that he had a laid-back bride to deal with instead of some other bridezillas that would've wigged out on him for screwing up their name like that! lol

There was plenty of dancing and fellowshipping...it was beautiful and we had a great time. Everything just fell into place and went wonderfully. The cake was beautiful and tasted just as good. The food was great. Everyone got more than one wing and one meatball (which had been a concern beforehand...long story. lol). The only other problem wasn't until right at the very end when I unfortunately thought that I was going to have my first spat with my wonderful new husband. We had agreed to not get drunk at the reception and it appearred that he had broken that agreement....and I was plenty upset to say the least. I was really praying hard about how to handle this because I didn't want to ruin my wedding night. It all turned out fine though. And I'll just say this...he should know better than to mix alcohol and strong back pills....especially like THREE of them!!! I understand the back was hurting and all but come on! Anyways...that all straightened out...my brother avoided jail after a run-in with the police on the way home...Alli and Pew didn't run out of gas and made it home safely... we ended up chillin at the holiday inn and having a quiet morning the next day. It was magical! No worries of kids, phones (well, let me take that back...my idiot ex-husband called me at 9:30 the morning after my wedding...do you think he was being a little spiteful??? Anyways...), no stress about wedding planning anymore. It was just peaceful and loving.

Then we returned to reality and was home by 12:30 to four kids, a stinky dog and Randy let the water get shut off....at least I got a COUPLE of hours of peaceful honeymoon! lol Now I'm just counting down the minutes until after Christmas when we can take our REAL honeymoon!! AHHHHHH......


Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow

I can't believe it's here! Tomorrow I will be getting married. Everyone keeps asking me if I've gotten cold feet yet and...no, I haven't. Everyone also keeps asking if we've had a major fight this week (I guess most couples do before their wedding? I don't know.) and...no, we haven't. We DID just have a minor spat this morning over something stupid and he snapped at me and I snapped back...but we made up 10 minutes later. Everything about this wedding has had such an ease to it from start to finish...God is so good. Certainly it's had it's stressful moments, but overall it has just flowed from one thing to the next. Everything has fallen in line as if God has had his hands on the chess pieces and has just been moving them around the board. Yesterday we worked on the flowers all evening. It took about five hours and I wish I could say my friend Kathleen came over to help me with them...but in all honesty she came over and did them. lol Half-way through my first boutonniere I knew I was worthless in this department. So I basically lended moral support for the rest of the project. lol But they are lovely and they are now on my back porch enjoying the cold fall air since there is no room for them in my refrigerator. My mom got into town last night and took all the kids to the hotel with her for grandma time and swimming...WOOHOO!!! lol But wouldn't you know this one and only day I have to sleep in I woke up at 7 in the morning??? What's up with that??? Oh well. Allison and crew should be leaving within the hour to come on up here and then the evening will be filled with rehearsal and fixing dresses and girl talk. I can't wait. I just can't wait. *tear*


Happy Birthday to me (things lost in translation)

Well I've been meaning to blog about my bridal shower that happened in Dayton now for a whole month and for one reason or another haven't yet. It was awesome! We all met at Olive Garden and had a great lunch together and then went back to Allison's house where we opened gifts and then everyone read aloud to me a letter that they had written for me. It was very moving for me and so it was a good thing that Soapie had made a huge cheesecake for comfort food! lol We then settled in and watched Father Of The Bride which I love. It was a really great weekend with my girls and I can't wait to see all of them again next weekend!

Yesterday some of my friends at work got together and took me out to dinner for an impromptu "bridal shower" of their own. They're not exactly slick...which is good, because I hate surprises. lol I knew all about it the whole time and watched them trying to secretly pass around the card they bought for me. When I watched Wende not five feet from me trying to get someone to sign my card and I rolled my eyes at her, her response in typical Wende fashion was "Negro don't be lookin over here!"...ahh the language of true friendship! lol

So they all took me out to dinner at "El Jarabe", a new mexican restaurant here in E-town and it was great. The best part was when the whole crew (who hardly spoke ANY english) came out and put the sombrero on my head to sing me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". I just started cracking up and when they were done Wende through the laughs said "they told me they 'no know congratulations'...they only knew how to say 'happy birthday' in english so we took it." It definitely made for a moment I'll never forget.

I've been so grateful for the love and support of all of my friends lately! You are all so wonderful and I cherish each and every one of you!
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