Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow

I can't believe it's here! Tomorrow I will be getting married. Everyone keeps asking me if I've gotten cold feet yet, I haven't. Everyone also keeps asking if we've had a major fight this week (I guess most couples do before their wedding? I don't know.), we haven't. We DID just have a minor spat this morning over something stupid and he snapped at me and I snapped back...but we made up 10 minutes later. Everything about this wedding has had such an ease to it from start to finish...God is so good. Certainly it's had it's stressful moments, but overall it has just flowed from one thing to the next. Everything has fallen in line as if God has had his hands on the chess pieces and has just been moving them around the board. Yesterday we worked on the flowers all evening. It took about five hours and I wish I could say my friend Kathleen came over to help me with them...but in all honesty she came over and did them. lol Half-way through my first boutonniere I knew I was worthless in this department. So I basically lended moral support for the rest of the project. lol But they are lovely and they are now on my back porch enjoying the cold fall air since there is no room for them in my refrigerator. My mom got into town last night and took all the kids to the hotel with her for grandma time and swimming...WOOHOO!!! lol But wouldn't you know this one and only day I have to sleep in I woke up at 7 in the morning??? What's up with that??? Oh well. Allison and crew should be leaving within the hour to come on up here and then the evening will be filled with rehearsal and fixing dresses and girl talk. I can't wait. I just can't wait. *tear*