Happy Birthday to me (things lost in translation)

Well I've been meaning to blog about my bridal shower that happened in Dayton now for a whole month and for one reason or another haven't yet. It was awesome! We all met at Olive Garden and had a great lunch together and then went back to Allison's house where we opened gifts and then everyone read aloud to me a letter that they had written for me. It was very moving for me and so it was a good thing that Soapie had made a huge cheesecake for comfort food! lol We then settled in and watched Father Of The Bride which I love. It was a really great weekend with my girls and I can't wait to see all of them again next weekend!

Yesterday some of my friends at work got together and took me out to dinner for an impromptu "bridal shower" of their own. They're not exactly slick...which is good, because I hate surprises. lol I knew all about it the whole time and watched them trying to secretly pass around the card they bought for me. When I watched Wende not five feet from me trying to get someone to sign my card and I rolled my eyes at her, her response in typical Wende fashion was "Negro don't be lookin over here!"...ahh the language of true friendship! lol

So they all took me out to dinner at "El Jarabe", a new mexican restaurant here in E-town and it was great. The best part was when the whole crew (who hardly spoke ANY english) came out and put the sombrero on my head to sing me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". I just started cracking up and when they were done Wende through the laughs said "they told me they 'no know congratulations'...they only knew how to say 'happy birthday' in english so we took it." It definitely made for a moment I'll never forget.

I've been so grateful for the love and support of all of my friends lately! You are all so wonderful and I cherish each and every one of you!