P.S. I Love You

Tonight I rented the movie "P.S. I Love You" from on-demand. I've been wanting to see it since it came out (partially because that's the title of one of my favorite songs and partially because it looked good and had a great cast), and tonight I finally got to see it. This was one of the best movies I have seen in years! Let me forewarn anyone who might want to see it though---it is a HUGE tear-jerker. If you don't feel up to an emotional cry-fest, steer clear until you are ready.
I cried from almost the beginning through to the end. It was really awesome and even surprised me towards the end. I'm not at all easy to surprise when it comes to this kind of stuff. Everything seems so predictable, and they managed to throw me a curveball. And I am so glad they did! It was during a part that I was yelling, "NO! NO! THIS IS SO NOT THE RIGHT DECISION!"...and they stopped and said exactly what I was thinking and went a different direction with the story! YAY THEM!

Seriously this was a really creative, emotional and well-written movie and Hillary Swank was awesome in it--although she looks like a really bad kisser. But I wouldn't have to worry about that anyways, so who cares. :) I give it two thumbs up! Has anyone else seen it?


Allison said…
I haven't seen that one yet, but it looks like one that I would like. =)
Kakak Tiri said…
Hi there, stumbled upon your page while googling the movie pic.

I'm Laila btw. Just watched it and I cried most of the part. Luckily I didn't watch it at the cinema. Otherwise, I'd be going out like a panda with my smeared eyeliners.

Agree with ya that she seems like a bad kisser. Heh he.