Hell hath no fury--like a woman with PMS

Ooooooh, honey... do you smell that??? Something stinks and lately it's been my attitude! Let me tell you, for the past few weeks with being sick and with all the drama the inevitably happens when you have several children--B'GAWK!
Actually, it's been an occassional thing but the past day or so since PMS has set in--fuggedaboutit. I am agitated and irritated and any of those other "ated" words you can find to throw on. I'm not so proud to admit that I even blew a gasket at the taco bell manager the other day. LOL--I know *hanging head in shame (and kind of laughing at the same time heehee)*.
The backstory is this: I had just worked 12 1/2 hours and knew that in an hour I had to leave for Indiana to meet Maribel so that she could take my kids for the weekend. I DID NOT feel like driving, let alone cooking--and Scott hadn't *rolling eyes*. SO, we stop at Taco Bell and the line was literally around the corner. Trying to be sweet, Scott offers to go inside--and is in there for over TWENTY FIVE minutes! I watched the drive-thru line come and go and still nothing. Mind you, we didn't have a huge order either--we had two burritos and a taco. THAT'S IT.
After twenty five minutes of sitting in the car thinking, "JUST STAB ME IN THE FREAKIN' NECK AND GET IT OVER WITH!", I finally say to the girls, "LET'S GO!" and I storm inside.
I approach my husband who is waiting calmly by the counter and ask him what the time on the receipt was...just like I thought, twenty five minutes ago. "If my making a scene will embarrass you, you should take the girls and wait in the car." At first he does the stand-by-his-woman thing, but the longer the manager takes to get to the counter (ALMOST TEN MINUTES), the more sure he is that maybe the car thing isn't such a bad idea. He grabs the girls and heads outside.
The manager finally shows up and I have kittens! I'm ranting about how it's now been 14 hours that I have been on my feet and I didn't work all day long so that I could wait at Taco Bell for nearly 45 minutes for THREE things, etc etc etc. At first she just kept shrugging her shoulders and doing the "sorry, our bad..." thing and I wasn't having it. She finally said, "Ma'am, can I give you a soda or fruitista or something?" and I spout back, "NO! I WANT MY $9.07 BACK! NOW!" By this time she so nervous. With shaky hands and voice she said, "Ok, right away" and went to her drawer. Some guy behind me huffed and puffed when she agreed to give me my money back and I turned around and made eye contact with him thinking, "You want some too???" She handed my money and I left. Proud of myself, but somewhat ashamed that I--ME--VERONICA-- caused a scene in the local Taco Bell and almost made the manager cry. LOL Yeah, kind of funny now but still.
Since then there have been a few other incidents, one of which would be some white-trash girl (not a judgement, merely a fact) at Courtney's school who was hating on her because she's the pretty new girl and the boys are falling all over her--walked into my daughter's class-in-progress and grabbed her out of her seat and started punching her in the face!!! OH YES SHE DID! I'm proud to say (not because I teach my kids to fight, but I DO teach them to stick up for themselves) that my daughter proceeded to kick the girls butt. However, this entire situation infuriated me to say the least! I put her in that school that we have to drive twenty minutes each way to because the public schools are too full of trash like that!
The principal said that Courtney wasn't suspended because there were a ton of witness that it was self-defense, but wanted me to come pick her up anyways to give her time to get her bearings. I still had bed-head and asked if they could just send her out when I got there and she said, "Yeah, but let us know when you get here because that other girl is still waiting in the lobby..." My response? "Oh hell no! I'll be RIGHT THERE."
I told Scott he needed to come with me because if he saw me lunging at any teenagers he needed to pull me off (in my state of mind today I was only half-kidding) and when we pulled in the parking lot I saw the boy that caused all of this sitting in a car watching the front doors. I got out of the car and instead of heading for the school, I turned around and headed for the kids car. I noticed there was a girl in the backseat staring at me. After figuring out that this was not the same girl who caused the trouble, I proceeded to put a verbal smack-down on this boy and warned him to stay away from my daughter (it sounds so much calmer and less profane when I write it than when it happened. lol).
I went inside and because I didn't know WHO this girl was, I decided to give EVERY girl the stank eye--that way my bases were covered should the real perpetrator be there. Turns out none of the girls were her and she was actually in the principal's office with her mom who was threatening to press charges on my daughter because she bloodied her nose so bad. She was promptly told by, well...everyone, that she couldn't press charges seeing as how it was HER daughter who went all ninja on an innocent person.
Courtney's ok, but I am still in the foulest of moods. I've gotta chill--or have a drink or something! Pray for me y'all!


DJ's Mama said…
o hell no that biotch didn't hit courtney.. i say we all go gangsta on her butt. i am so proud of courtney for defending herself. i hope that boy backs the heck off and realizes that his poop stinks and that he does not need to be getting courtney into fights.. and why the heck was that white trash chick NOT in class? what the heck?
Say can I sic you on a few of my coworkers!? I'm serious, they could use it!!