Like moths to a flame

Anyone keeping up with the news knows that our area was hit with a "category one dry hurricane" yesterday and that just about the whole region is blacked-out. The wind was CRAZY! Driving around you'll see trees uprooted and turned over, roofs blown off. Yesterday all you could here (besides the wind) were sirens. Today all you can hear are chainsaws.
You know what important life lesson I've learned through all of this? Electricity is a beautiful thing. At this point in time I'm pretty much in love with it. I want to have little electric babies with it. Instead of living in wedded bliss with my power & light lover, I'm sitting here with no internet, tv, radio, cable….a working refrigerator.
Last night we ventured out to find something to eat because we have next to nothing here. Unfortunately, everyone in the greater Dayton area decided to do the same thing. Originally, Scott had decided to go it alone and after an hour returned home to say that after waiting in line for an hour, McDonalds closed down and any other open restaurant was cash only—and there were working ATM machines in sight. So as a family, we left figuring that even if we had to drive to Indianapolis to find food, we'd do it. Looking around us, all you could see were hundreds of cars searching for lights that are turned on—because that means power and the possibility of money and food.
We finally found a working ATM machine and there was a Wendy's nearby that had a line out the driveway and down the street. We planted ourselves at the end of the line and waited an hour to get our food. After that, the girls and I drove to Indiana to pick up Courtney (who was gone for the weekend) and the power was out all the way there. We sat alone in the pitch-black parking lot of a truckstop where we normally meet Maribel. It was so spooky—I kept waiting for someone to pop out with a chainsaw or something!
Today we woke up and drove to the library—they still have power (AND wifi as it turns out…I may just run back up there and post this!). We then found an open market and ran in to do some shopping. I only had $30 bucks on me so couldn't get much (debit cards aren't working right now). I wanted to get some ice for the cooler so that we could at least keep our milk from spoiling, but the line for the possibility of ice (they had run out and MIGHT get some in) was out the door. Instead, we got some things that didn't need refrigerating.
Now we're sitting here having conversations that would never be had if it weren't for having no power. Conversations such as "if you could have any bed you wanted, what kind would it be?" I would thoroughly be enjoying this time of peace and quiet if the house wasn't filled with three children who are completely stir crazy. Constant talking, arguing, "I'm BOREDs". The kids are now out for a walk to gawk at all the trees laying on cars and houses. I have to say that one fabulous side-effect of the storm was having the most glorious cool-weather fall day today. It is magnificent and I am loving every minute of it. I threw on my navy and white rugby shirt today when heading out and was in my own little paradise (all while the rest of my family totally complained about it being "freezing").
My sister-in-law is in labor right now up north and I hate not having a phone to keep in contact. Hopefully, things will be better soon. Though I suppose if this is the worst that life gets we're pretty blessed.


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