I'm sitting here eating the left-over crumbs from a batch of brownies that Maddie made this evening. That kind of thing doesn't last long in a house full of five people with sweet tooths.

I felt slightly better today for a little while at least. I recognized the instant I started to feel better and pounced on it. I manically started cleaning the house and my family looked at me like I was crazy. I had plenty of them coming into whatever room I was in at the time to ask if I was okay and to follow it up with, "WHY are you cleaning?" My response every time was, "Because SOMEONE has to do it!"

Our home is usually comfortably lived-in. Not spotless but not nasty either. Clutter can build up quickly with this many people so there's usually plenty of papers, blankets, shoes, etc. laying around, but it's not dirty underneath. No filth. WELL, a few days of laying on the couch sick and observing what's actually here at the moment started to gross me out. It was getting DIRTY! ECCCKKKK! OCD and filth doesn't go well together. Neither does being too sick to move and do anything about it but still being able to see it and obsess about it. NOT GOOD.

So today I felt it. That exact moment when you feel your body shift into "getting better" mode. You're over the hump and going to get better. It was a discernible shift today and as soon as I felt it I jumped on it. It was like I was on that old gameshow "Supermarket Sweep"--do you remember that one? Where they had to grab the shopping cart and race around the store as quickly as possible? Anyways, that was me.

The mood hit me first in the bathroom so as soon as I was done brushing my teeth, off I went! Super quick tidy and wipe-down then off to the laundry room. Don't ask me why I started out there instead of in the main part of the house; it was a compulsion I couldn't ignore. I spent probably 20 minutes out there getting coats hung on the rack, shoes in their places and dirty laundry organized. Then I grabbed the windex and a rag and started squirting and wiping everything that wouldn't crawl away from me. No need for fancy cleaners today--squirt, wipe. squirt, wipe.

At this point I had a few family members who wanted to come and gawk at the spectacle. They stood in the doorway and just WATCHED me busting my hump. That's one of my pet peeves and so I turned around to say, "If you can watch, you can help! Scott do the kitchen and Amelia help me in here." The looks of shock on their faces quickly faded into an "AWWW MANNNN!" look. BUT, they didn't give me grief--they just did it, which was nice. I managed to tackle every area of the house (except for the girls room--I wasn't up to that task. Thank God it's upstairs where I don't have to look at it!). I even changed the sheets and washed the comfortors/quilts. I had candles burning in all of the rooms so it smelled good in here AND I managed not to kill anyone in the process. There was no mutiny of unhappy shipmates and after I hopped out of the shower I finally collapsed on the couch in a sick, I-did-way-too-much heap.

Then I groaned for the rest of the evening. You know how when you feel so miserable you just want to lay there and groan? It reminds me of that scene from When Harry Met Sally. I tried to go back to bed, but my head hurts too bad to lay down. I'm still just so achey, headachey and generally hurty all over the place. The nausea has subsided but now it's the headache--and the sinus pressure that's also making all of my teeth hurt. Blah. Courtney's had a sore throat for two days and Amelia had a fever tonight. Lets hope that everyone starts to feel better soon. At least I can lay here miserably looking around knowing that it's clean in here. There's a few things left for me to obsess about, but overall we're cool.


DJ's Mama said…
Dude if you get that inspiration again.. feel free and come to my house. I do love the clean and fresh smell of the house and with candles lit.. its such a great smell and feeling..

Hope you all start to feel better soon. I have some sinus issues now.. hate that.