Please don't let work bite

I hate that by the time I have time to blog every day I'm too freakin' tired to do it. It ends up being some little so-not-what-I-wanted-to-write blog because all I can think about it how quick will my ambien kick in and CRAP! Do I REALLY have to go back to that job again tomorrow? All of my witty banter has been cast aside as quickly as my white nursemate leather clogs after a way-too-long day.

Today sucked as far as work goes. It wasn't one of those bad days because it was so boring, but rather because it was so busy that everyone was fighting over me and every department was exploding like Armageddon. AND because there was a miscommunication combined with the fact that I didn't go running to the aid of a certain snide, vicious, back-stabbing nurse whenever she called--I got trash-talked all day at work. That gets so old. Seriously.

I've been warned about this particular woman since I started there three months ago and it's only been recently that I have been the target. I try not to take it personally because she is this way to everyone. I'm just the newest kid on the block. But I just want to get in her face and rubber-neck while I say, "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AMMM?" She obviously doesn't know who she's messing with because I can have an attitude that will BURY her. Seriously, one of these days I'm going to start busting out the DMX in me like I used to do to my kids and sing, "Y'ALL GONNA MAKE ME LOSE MY MIND! UP IN HERE! UP IN HERE!..."

If the powers that be ever do a web audit on what sites I'm visiting while at work, they'll see that I spent the morning on sites like scouting for a new job. My goal is to find something totally creative and fun while not involving bedside nursing and acute and/or long-term care. Like the job my friend Heather had told me about at her company: coolest. job. ever. Her company basically interior designs for the healthcare field. They pick out the furniture, design the space, etc. AND they do this with the help of nurse consultants to tell them what looks pretty and would be functional, etc. I felt like the mother ship was calling me home until I saw "Bachelor's degree required." Pfft! It should be, "if you only have like a year to go on your bachelor's degree and you have rockin' people skills, this job is for you!"

I moved onto deciding that I just want the money. *visions of cabaret go wafting through my mind"money makes ze vorld go around, ze vorld go around, ze vorld go money money money money money money money.... a buck or a yen a buck or a yen...." You get the point. So I start looking up pharaceutical rep jobs. Yeah, that's more like it. Six figures. Company car. Travel expense account. But I don't know that while my kids are still small if I want to committ to travel that much. *sigh* Back to the ol' drawing board.

I even went to far as to contact one of the first hospitals I worked at as a nurse and asked if I could come back and what positions they had available. She said she'd check into it and let me know. Yeah, you caught me. I'm SO homesick.

The highlight of my day today was reserving our cabin in Amish country for Christmas. There's this awesome (truly lovely) cabin that Scott & I go to in Amish country that we absolutely love. The kids always ask if they can go and I never take them because it seems more like a couply thing to do PLUS they will be bored before the jacuzzi is even filled up. But last week they all got together and asked me if we could please spend Christmas in the cabin and I was super-excited about the idea. I'm having a Clark Griswold moment over here envisioning how perfect this is all going to be. Let's just hope I don't end up letting out a profanity-laden venting session that ends with, "HOLY SHIT! WHERE'S THE TYLENOL?"

I think it's going to be great. We're going to take a small tree and some decorations and play boardgames in front of the fire while listening to Christmas carols. Maybe sledding or iceskating. Eggnog and hot chocolate. Picture perfect is what's in my mind. PLUS, tonight my mom said that they would rent one of the other cabins so that we could spend Christmas together and the kids could go visit with them. Grandpa keeps them well entertained so it will all be good. I'm thinking that's a good time to get caught up on my cross-stitching or knitting. I just really can't wait. Now all I'm praying for is the pretty snow, but not so much that we can't manage the hills and the driving.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for Protonix. I got my long-awaited refill today and am now in acid-free heaven once again. Thank you for my job and the generous paycheck. Would it be ok for you to send me to a different job? One that's not so stupid but pays as good or better? Fix everything in my family. Let my kids feel better and do better adjusting to their new lives. And please don't let work tomorrow bite.
love you Jesus,


well silly, just finish that bachelor's degree and you can start helping me design better hospitals! :)