Crazy McCrazysen

Gary Busey. Celebrity Rehab 2. OMG. *shaking head in disbelief that he's even crazier than I already thought he was* Search it out on youtube or catch the reruns if you're curious. Holy crap.


Anonymous said…
Gary Busey is the man. I want to take him to the pub and buy him as many beers as he wants. I have him on my GPS as a voice I got from, real celebrity voices on your GPS, Gary Busey is funny!

You should check these out:

Presidential Debate 08: Mr. T vs Gary Busey

A Day In The Life Of Gary Busey.


Gary Busey & The Soup Dog Lou
Allison said…
Never even heard of the guy...
Veronica said…
Hey anonymous... No offense, but Gary Busey called---he wants his crazy back! ;)