Ok, really???

WHO raises people
who grow up thinking that it is ok to CALL
someone's home at 8:30 on a Sunday morning???

who think it's ok to knock on their door
at 8:58 on a Sunday morning???

TWO separate people,
who both almost got their asses kicked this morning!!!

Who does those things?
Seriously people!

Is it just me?
Am I too picky?
Or isn't this just common courtesy?


Anonymous said…
Only people with a death wish would dare call me or come to my house that early on Saturday OR Sunday! My sister refuses to answer the phone or the door before noon on her weekends. People come to her door, they see her sitting on the couch or fussing around the house but if it's before noon she ignores them! People who know her know the rules, the rest of 'em.. Well.. They're left standing at the door. Lol..
Dodi said…
Laughing because I was actually thinking of calling you around 8:30 this morning. :)
Glad I didn't.
Then I thought "No, it may be to early"
Oh how I laugh when your I read your crabby stuff.
Love You,
The old crab
YES, 8:30 would have been too early! LOL that's the middle of the night to me!