Using ALL things….

Today I received a package full of the most precious items that could have landed on my doorstep.  I’ve known the package was coming for a few days now, but I had no idea what was in it.
Who sent it?  The woman that I’ve always considered my second mother that’s who.  She was doing some clearing out and wanted to bless me with a treasure chest  full of things that belonged to both her mom and my grandma. 
When I walked in the house from work this morning, I saw the package sitting there.  I was so excited that I ripped off my nasty work clothes then sat down on the living room floor to open it up.  As I unwrapped each little item, the tears flowed heavier and heavier.  Not quite sure why.  It was some mix of gratitude and blessing.  Some sort of being connected to the past of these important women in my life.  Honestly, I have nothing from the men in my life…it’s all the women.  Women make the world go round and I am reminded over and over the importance of that.
No one knew all those years ago when marriages were ending and relationships were starting, through all of the hurt and the pain, that such beauty would come out of the ashes.  God uses ALL things for his good.  ALL things.  He even used that unfortunate situation and that unfortunate excuse for a man to connect people who needed connecting. 
Thank you Dodi….I love you!