She can stay on the earth if she likes

Since I have received so many messages asking about #6 on my last Friday Five,
in which I said there was a certain someone that I wished
would fall off the face of the earth
and that she felt the same way about me,
I figured I would give you a quick update.

Well, the good news is that she and I have since spoken
and made amends.

Kind of.

It's a thing that's been going on since high school.
And frankly, we're just not destined to like each other very much.
Which is odd to me because I usually like almost EVERYONE.

And they usually like me too.

It's the rare person I don't get along with.
So this is like I'm looking at the universe saying,
"What do you MEAN we don't like each other???"

But alas, things are peaceful.
And she can stay on the earth if she likes.
And I'm staying whether she likes it or not.
So that's that and Bob's your uncle.