A glimpse...of September

Because I tend to loathe the month of September and
Because I am doing everything I can to just get through it, 
I'm trying to breathe in and breathe out and concentrate on the good and the not-so-bad.

Reading... On an Anais Nin kick.  Right now I'm reading Henry and June.

Listening...Anything mellow, melancholy or jazzy.  Still love Corrinne Bailey Rae's cd, James Morrison & Harry Connick, Jr.'s new one.

Cooking....heavy comfort foods.

Wanting... October 1st and so many things that aren't meant for this blog.  Honesty.  Truth.  Courage.  Loyalty.  Peace.  To be settled. 

Making... treasure out of trash.  Beginning with the headboard I made, I'm also working on a coffee table and a few other things that I will post pics of when I'm done with.  I LOVE taking things that someone wanted to discard and making them not only useful, but desirable again.  Breathing new life into old situations is what I love.  Oh and I'm making new friends.  I have a lunch date on Monday! :)

Loving...  Beautiful pictures, whether they're of interior design or sunsets.  Friendship.  Knowing what I'm doing at something and not being the new kid who doesn't know her way around.  My kids.  Having my windows open.