Life is good.

This week has been more of the same...

work, school, unpacking boxes and

swimming while the swimming's good.

Work is going good...

I really like it there and the people are great so far.

It reminds me a lot of CHP & the people I miss there.

I've been having dreams about the wasband

nearly every night. So much so that I wonder

sometimes if he's died or something and is trying

to communicate with me from the beyond.

(Tami, you haven't heard anything have you?)

It's funny though, because even in my dreams he repulses me

and I can't help but tell him what a waste of life I think he is.

Oh well.

Kids are still happy. Courtney has the flu right now,

but other than that, things are good.

My lipgloss is still in the bowl (!!!).

I'm even more shocked than you are, trust me.

Maybe it's just not their shade?