Inspiring me today….

391a6916bf0b “I’m in love I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!”
(one of my favorite quotes from ELF)
I NEVER thought this would happen.  In fact, I SWORE it never would.
But I am actually starting to like, maybe even love certain pieces of mirrored furniture.
I know, right?
When they started becoming all the rage, I HATED them.  I completely didn’t  see the allure.  But recently, I find myself drawn to them.  Like in the picture above.
I still don’t like it when it’s paired with bright, intrusive colors, because that’s just not my taste.  My mom likes to joke that my favorite color is “clear” because I like such muted colors normally, and she’s pretty much right on.
Today, I find myself being drawn to very light, airy, feminine, tender, almost vulnerable rooms full of muted earth tones and neutrals with touches of pink…always pink, which is my favorite color.  Lately I have also been loving the contrast between light and dark.  All cream or white with black furniture or black floors.  Love it.


Anonymous said…
Yeah, I wasn't a big fan of mirrored anything except mirrors! Lol.. But this pic does make one rethink the whole mirrored look.