31ywsk0fipL._AA400_ The headboard I’ve been eyeing…

 So I went to Goodwill & found one that I could make myself for about $7.50 .
Isn’t it AWFUL? :)

I pried off a few of the pieces to make it flatter so that
it would be easier to tuft later.

DSCN5787 Covered it with foam.

DSCN5788 Then covered it with batting and fabric.

Then stapled/tufted it.

DSCN5794 Then glued the buttons on.

I CAN’T WAIT to see it in place!
The screws I bought aren’t quite long enough,
so I have to get new ones before I can put it on my bed.
But I can’t wait!


Dodi said…
Love it. Very nice job. Have seen this done on HGTV but never had the nerve to try it myself. Waiting to see it together. Looking forward to the coffee table too. UH, mirrors?
Patricia said…
Hey, I was wondering.... To tuft this, did you drill holes through the headboard and just sew it, or did you use a different technique? I love it! It's beautiful!
Thanks! :) Well, you CAN do it that way, but I happen to be lazy and love getting things done quickly. Soooo....I simply used a staple gun and pressed hard then stapled. Then I hot glued the buttons over top. Easy peasy! :)
Patricia said…
Oh, never thought of that! Duh! So much easier!!! Thanks. I've wanted a headboard like that for a while, maybe one day I'll get off my dead butt and make one! It would come in handy, since I like to sit up in bed and watch TV. :)